SA Etiquette: What to do if your friend's SA (not your regular SA) offers you a bag?

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  1. So my friend got a call from her SA today that her much anticipated Rouge Birkin 35 had arrived. She asked if I would go along with her for her first Birkin purchase. Well, I sort of self-invited myself. Nonetheless, we ended up going to the H store after work. As we entered the store, we saw my SA first. Then my friend's SA came out and my friend excused herself and when over to view the Birkin. I chatted with my SA. Told her I was moving soon. She asked if there was anything I wanted before I left. I told her I was looking for a 30 Birkin in black or if she saw any other colors she thought I might like.

    On the other side of the store, my friend was trying out her Birkin and waving me to come over. I excused myself and told my SA that I was going to go look at the bags with my friend. After she decided to take the Rouge B (it was an entire 2 seconds), her SA asked if she was looking for anything else. Somehow the conversation ended up with her SA bring us out a 28 and 32 Kelly Souple, 32 Rouge Kelly Rigid, 28 Apple Green Kelly Souple. I couldn't help but fall in love with the 32 Black Fjord Kelly. I told them that I was waiting for a 30 Black Birkin and that my SA says I would likely get it before my move. I asked for their opinions and we unanimously decided that I was to get this 32 Black Kelly and get the 30 Birkin in a bright color.

    As we head to the cash register, I pass by my SA and I tell her that my friend's SA showed me a 32 Black Kelly and I've decided to take it. I told my SA that so instead of looking for a Black Birkin if she comes across a bright color one in a 30 to let me know. To my surprise, she said to me that I should have my friend's SA help me get the Birkin since I am getting the Kelly from my friend's SA. This is really strange because my friend had bought stuff from my SA when she came along with me.

    I'm wondering if I made a mistake by getting the Kelly from another SA, but what was I supposed to do when it was offered to me???

    How would you girls have handled this?:blink:

    (sorry this is so long winded).
  2. Gosh...I'm not sure - your SA sounds like she was a bit put out, doesn't she? But she knows she has repeat business through you, and she shouldn't be sour about it. Still, I can understand how you feel. Sorry I'm not much help (I dream of the day I walk into my boutique and get offered all those bags - I'm DYING for a green Kelly!!).....Put it this way, it wasn't your fault, and she should be happy for your purchase, rather than resentful, that's her job!

    Are you moving far away - will you establish yourself at another H boutique? Perhaps she was concerned about that, too. There was a discussion here not long ago that the SA's comission was pooled, not individual, so it's not like she would be missing aout on the sale, as such...but perhaps she would have liked it against her name?

    In any case, it is NOT your fault, and you should enjoy your beautiful bags without guilt ( I love your collection!!). What colour Birkin will you be looking at????????????? SHe'll be happy to help you with that one, I'm sure, and it will be water under the bridge - if anything, she would be unhappy at her work colleague for "stealing" her client?

    Sorry I couldn't have been more helpful:shame:.

    I love reading the stories of when people get their bags - so exciting!
  3. wow, this is complicated...

    first of all, congratulations on your purchase!

    I haven't make any purchases from Hermès yet but I agree with how you handled the situation. I think you were fair purchasing with your friend's SA, since he was the one that showed you and serviced you, and ask your SA to help you with another future purchase.

    I don't know how good of the relationship between you and your SA but she should understand that's the way it works. True, yay for your friend's SA for bringing 2 purchases, but she shouldn't have said the things she did.

    That's just my take.:smile:
  4. How attached are you to your SA? If you only ever buy from her for years then yes i can understand her emotions, but she also needs to understand that it was her fault too for nto offering the kelly to you first, i mean if i worked there and someone asked for a black birkin and i knew i had a black kelly i would offer it to them (or at least show it to them) there is nothing yuo can do though it was jsut unfortunate teh way it panned out the only thing i could possibly sugest if you pulled the sa aside and asked if they eould be kind enough to allow your sa to have the comission becuase you are attached to her, although this would be alkward and risks bieng uncomefortable if you ever went back to your freinds sa for assitstance. I personally think your SA was just upset that she didnt offer you the kelly 1st and make that commentin the heat of it all, go back to her and if seh still is upset explain the situation and you couldnt do anything
  5. KF - There is this amazing 28 Apple Green Kelly (souple, silver HW) at the SF Hermes store. I forgot the leather's name but it is smooth texture (but not Box), so soft and squishy but thick and luxurious.:love:
  6. Ohhhhhhh - now you've got me thinking!!!!!!!!
  7. But I thought SA's don't get commission of off leather goods. And in truth, I wasn't planning to buy anything for myself. I am moving in a couple weeks and need to get rid of my stuff, not acquire more things. And also, I'm trying to save $ for the down payment to my condo. But how can I resist when all these Kellys were in front of me. And at that time, it made sense to get the black kelly and save the 30 Birkin for a crazy bright color.
  8. Did you get the black fjord kelly? Where's the pics? :o)
  9. this is all very confusing cuz sales of kellys & birkins go directly to the "house".
  10. No, the previous thread said something to the effect of the SA's pool their commission - rather than earning individual ones (otherwise there would be SUCH competition....1 bag = 100's of scarves!) so they share the commission. I'm not sure, I'm just going by what the others have said....perhaps there is no commission whatsoever on leathergoods like you say (would make sense, too) - but I would think they would have a record of who sold what, if you know what I mean, so perhaps your SA was upset at not having your Kelly up against her name???

    Either way, she should be a little more professional - I would be horrified if I was your SA and you went home feeling the way you did about a H bag purchase......IMO the price includes the bag AND the service - the purchase is half the fun!!!!!!

    I agree - what could you do with all those Kelly's in front of you, anyway?;) .........I would have taken one home, too!!!!!

  11. Ahhh - so now we know....commission WASN'T her problem........she's obviously just possessive of her clients!!!:smile:

    It makes sense, having no commission, because like I said, there would be such competition for people that buy bags - they would crash-tackle you the minute you walked through the door!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin:

    I tend to crash-tackle THEM!
  12. yes...very confusing. that's what i thought too. i was introduced to my SA by a friend of mine who has an extensive H collection. this is the first time I've gotten anything from a different SA.

    my friend had bought stuff from my SA even though she knew her SA first. i don't get it.

    in any event, we both left with a big orange bag in our hands. :graucho:

    i'll take pics now.
  13. OMG...I am sorry to hear that you had a tough time with your SA. Maybe she had a bad day or something. I am very sure they do not make individual sales credit or comission on Birkins or Kellys. That's why I don't understand why your SA cared about whom you bought your Kelly from. What could you do, you know...You can't bring your Kelly to your SA to buy which your friend's SA showed to you! That is even worse and not right. I don't really understand why your SA told you to ask your friend's SA to look for your Birkin. That is really strange. Maybe she was just little jealous that her client was talking to someone else. You did not do anything wrong to your SA. Please don't worry...
  14. I hope I'm not being too blunt or mean by saying that I think your SA is rude. Even if she took it personally that you bought your bag from another SA, she still shouldn't have said the things she said. It was just unprofessional.:huh:
  15. Looking at the positive side, you have now TWO SAs that can help you getting your birkin. Hooray!! :biggrin:

    Congrats on your kelly! :amuse: