SA didn't know what a bandeau was!

  1. I called an LV boutique yesterday to have them ship me a bandeau and the SA didn't know what a bandeau was?!!? She said, "bandeau? bandeau?, hmmm what is that? I'll have to ask..." WHen I interjected that it was a long thin scarf type thing... she said "Oh THAT, okay, I'll see if we have one in..."
    I was really surprised that she didn't know what it was.
  2. Omg, this happened to me this past Tuesday too.

    I was looking for the MC Pochette GM and I asked the SA if they had any in stock and he goes: "Hmmmm, I don't think Louis Vuitton ever made anything called this".

    I was like: "Yeah, I am pretty sure they do". :yes:

    I searched throughout the store and found one on display and showed it to him and hes goes: "OOHHH!!". :rolleyes:
  3. i guess they were new SAs so might not be completely understand all the products, just give them some time to learn
  4. Oh wow!! duhhhh....time to find a new SA..if she didn't know something as fundamental as that, how will she know about those hard to find items.
  5. She wasnt' my SA, just the one I was put on the phone with when I called. I don't buy enough to have my own SA. (One day... :graucho: )
  6. This happened to me in Italy....
  7. Argh, don't you love product ignorance! I called the customer service line here in Aus and the SA had no idea what the LVOE phone charm was...she kept on insisting it's the pendant :cursing:
  8. She's probably new. Give the person a break. Even my SA has been there once. I think we all forget that SA's are people, not LV experts. They don't always know everything about the product they're selling. Just like going to buy a car. Not all car salesmen know everything about what's under the hood.
  9. That happened to me when the Groom line came out

    I asked to see the Pochette Clés and the SA gave me the Porte-Cles. I told her that that wasn't the item I was talking about and showed her the Pochette Cles and she just laughed and said "Gosh, who remembers those french names anyway? I'd call that a keybag." :wtf: :yucky:
  10. SA...some of them need educating more...maybe they should come on here!
    I always feel embarassed when they think youve made things up...until they find one!
  11. I agree with the others -- the SA's who don't know details are probably new. Not trying to make excuses or anything because I believe that reps and SA's should be knowledgeable, but they're only human! :girlsigh: As long as they are nice about it and don't make you feel like a total idiot because they think you are wrong or imagining things we should give them a break!

    Same thing happened to me a couple of days ago -- before I left for LV that day, I called 866-VUITTON (my SA wasn't in until later) to make sure my store had them in stock and the rep told me that LV didn't make a Mini Lin Noe and perhaps I was referring to the Bucket! :wtf:

    But since I knew better, I insisted and she put me on hold to check and then when she found out she was mistaken, she apologized. :blush:

    Also, the LV computers aren't always correct. Her computer showed "a bunch" of them at the store, and when I got there, they only had two in stock including the display!:yes:

  12. Well said.
  13. I think alot of us know more about LV than some SA's do. This is our hobby and passion. I was at LV a few months ago - just looking -and a girl asked what a certain bag was on display to the SA. The SA had no idea and she had to go find the blue book to check. She must have been new, because all she had to do was check inside for the price tag. It took all my restraint from just yelling "IT"S A MONO TROUVILLE!!!!"
  14. Ack, same thing happened to me when I was getting my ipod case awhile back. My SA sent me to the NM counter because they had one left in stock whereas my store didn't have any.
    So I asked for the Etui widescreen ipod case (my exact wording) and she asked me about 4 times if I meant the "nano case."
    Oh well. I wouldn't have cared if she was new or was having trouble, but she was acting like a jerk about trying to find it for me.
  15. She might be new or a casual who just started but sorry to hear you had to explain what you wanted.
    It happens all the time here, ring and ask for something that is in their LV ad in the magazine and I always get " We don't have a bag like that, are you sure you seen a Vuitton?":cursing: