SA did not give me a box

  1. I bought my first bag at DFS Scotts at Orchard Road in Singapore last month. The SA did not give me a box but just a dustbag. The thing is I feel that my purchase does not seem "complete" but did not know why until a few days later.

    Will I look stupid if i decided to go and ask for a box? Lol. Maybe I should come up with an excuse to get a box? Hahahahaha
  2. I would go back and ask for one. Sometimes they forget or are just lazy and so you have to request one. Good luck!
  3. My gosh! Mine too! I asked a friend of mine to buy me an LV in Singapore last week and my bag arrived in the dust bag and paper bag only! I live in another country and it would be impossible to go back to the store in Sngapore where my bag was purchased. Can I get a box from another store???
  4. I did not get a box with my neverfull.. did anyone else? I just assumed since it was so big they didnt give me a box....
  5. Sometimes you have to request one, otherwise sometimes you won't get a box... I didn't get a box for my Cerises 25 and from then on I started asking for boxes...

    Also, I've learned to ask for a big box so the bag doesn't have to be folded lol

    EDIT: Oh yeah, go back and ask for a box. Tell them you purchased a bag and would like a box to store it in
  6. Do you need the box ?
    When I purchased my mini lin it was sent via fed x I didnt get a box. it was in a shipping box, wrapped in tissue paper inside the dust bag. No biggy.

    I'm guessing that if you got the bag a month ago and didnt say anything to them then its not a big issue. But, if it bothers you call the sales person and see if you can pick one up or they can ship it to you.
  7. It happens quite often.... Go back and ask for one. They will be able to look you up in the computer. It should not be a problem.
  8. Thanks for the feedback! I will certainly do that first thing tomorrow when the store opens:tup: thanks a lot!
  9. you can even call customer service and they will send you one. they did it for me when i bought my bf a tie and i didn't notice i didn't have a box until i got home. i called customer service and they mailed one to me
  10. If there is ever a time for an "excuse" :smile: to ask for a box it's now....being holiday need a gift box!!:tup:
  11. hahaha! :wlae: that's a very god idea!!! thanks lastpurse:smile:
  12. Boxes are for gifts. They don't just automatically give you one. Unless you specify that its a gift, or you want one 'to store it in'.
  13. now that I think of it... when I purchased my Neverfull my SA told me to store it flat (like the way it comes in the dust bag)-- so I'm assuming that's why I didn't get a box... oh well.. not going to dwell over it.. I use it all the time.. no need for storage yet....thanks for your help!!
  14. disagree. you should always get the box. you would never ever come out of hermes or chanel without a box. EVER. they are lazy and just don't want to give you one. Toronto is notorious for not giving boxes. every time i purchase there and tell them that i would like a box, they either say they don't have any in stock, or i've gotten the same b.s. story about 4 or 5 times that they "recently switched the type of boxes they give out and do not have any in yet". cant even bother anymore.

    when my mother purchased her neverful gm they gave her the box but she didn't want it cuz it was purchased in the states, and she didn't want to declare it crossing the border.
  15. Misss60 you make a good point!
    I've almost never gotten a box with my bigger bag purchases, I'm always told that they don't have a box big enough to fit it yadda yadda....
    Has this happened to many other Toronto girls?