SA denying price increase...

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  1. My girlfriend was at her Chanel in Saks in the Boca mall last night. She was there to pick up a clutch and told the SA that she wanted to get it before the price increase. The SA said the prices just went up in Feb and will not be going up again this year. She was adamant about it and said "she would know" if this were the case...have any of you run into this. Do you think Saks has kept some stores in the dark about this or do you think she is just not wanting to let on that she knows??! Weird!
  2. well my cousin asked an SA in Harrods (UK) and they said yes indeed prices are going up in November.

    so i'll presume this is the case for all countries. well if you know what you want i think it will be a saver bet to get it now. just in case.
  3. :confused1: Strange indeed...what does she have to gain by denying it. She would have a better chance at a sale - by confirming it - for those who want to beat the increase. People are really strange sometimes...but maybe she just doesn't know...
  4. I would guess that she just didn't know.
  5. i agree, she probably does not know.
  6. SA at Saks in bala cynwyd, PA said there is a definite price increase before the year is out. he just wasn't sure when exactly.

    (this was earlier this month)
  7. Some SAs just don't know about the price increase... so probably that was why she denied it
  8. awww booo, and i was sooo excited to click on this thread!!lol
  9. My SA and her manager at Saks said they didn't know of one, either
  10. Has anyone's SAs from the Chanel boutiques led on to any price increase info.?????????? (Whether it is going to be Sept. 1 or like BG has been saying Nov. 1???) :confused1:
  11. I am the friend who was in there, she was the third sales person in chanel at the boca town center to look at me like I had a giant horn coming out of my skull.And tell me this, she was like" We had a price increace in feb, it is impossible that we would increase twice in a year. I have already started to stock the fall bags and there is NOT an increase in price". She just kept saying she should know she's an assistant manager. Than she asked this other woman in front of me and the woman was like NO, thats absurd! then she looked back at me and said "she'd know, she's the manager!"

    She also said she thought it could be a very sneaky way for SA on TPF to increase there sales by impulse shoppers by getting them to stock up. Anyway... I ended up buying the black caviar clutch and the pearls. I'll take pics later and post:smile: yeah!! The SA was very nice and very patient with all my questions and boy did I have alot!!
  12. Where/How did this price increase rumor start?

    Just kinda wondering...
  13. i don't how or where, but some of our members have witnessed the price increase first hand.
    don't know the member's name but she recently purchased a beautiful GST & paid over ticket price. I think the tag said $1750 and she paid $18something.

    I believe it was a mail order.
  14. I purchased a white GST from Chanel boutique last Saturday and paid $1895 but the price tag on the bag said $1750.
  15. I think the price for GST has been USD$ 1895 for a few months already? Anyway, I bought my bordeaux GST for $ 1895 in NM two weeks ago, even though the price tag on the bag said $ 1750.