SA called Galliera will be shipped Monday...

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  1. The Galliera PM is on its way! Still deciding if I should return the MJ Ryder that was over $1400 on sale for $642.00 to finance Galliera. The MJ Ryder is black and has that heavy gold chain. I like the quilted leather cause it doesn't show anything. However, the price isn't a true $642.00 if I'm carrying interest on the charge card. Also, I would imagine that the Galliera is quite durable and also doesn't show a lot of wear. I wouldn't be using the MJ until next fall as it is a dark bag and heavy. I will follow the advice of what the majority of TPFers say! Will there always be another great sale bag or is this too good of a bargain to return?:smile:
  2. I think you made a great choice. I might return my new sunglasses to help fund my Galliera GM.. I tried it on, it looked a bit toooo big on me, but I think it'll be fine. I always wanted a hoboish overnighter sized bag.. and I think this might be it! I keep thinking about it, which means I really want it.........
  3. its not being released till r they shipping it early?has the release date changed?
  4. The SA that called this evening says it is going out in the morning. Perhaps he didn't realize that there are 31 days in March! I think he was just doing courtesy reminder calls so he might have messed up. But I know they are in the stores!
  5. Get the Galliera, it is a gorgeous bag.
  6. I'd return the MJ and use the $$ towards the Galleria. By the time you use the MJ (in the fall), you may prefer something else :smile:
  7. If you don't want to pay interest on your card then I would return the MJ Ryder and definately keep the Galliera. It is a very hot bag!
  8. Are there pictures? I searched but couldn't find anything. UGH, sometimes I think the search function likes to torture me!
  9. ^^
  10. Thank you! Beautiful bag.
  11. Ohh..Galliera is one hot bag!
    Please post pics when it arrives!!
  12. Keep the LV return the MJ.
  13. pictures when u get it :smile:
  14. COngrats! Post pics soon! :yahoo:
  15. Hi everyone,

    I purchased my Gucci 2 weeks ago and haven't used it yet. It stil in Saks shopping bag and i even not opened it. I was open Saks card to got 10% discount on my Gucci. Should i return it to finance Galliera? I really really love Galliera. But i also love my Gucci . So bad i can't have both!