SA called about Potiron Kelly

  1. So my SA just called. SF just got a 35 Chevre Potiron Kelly. I'm going to decline :crybaby: but it's OK cause I really want a 28 in Togo. Hopefully I'll get to take a look at it on Saturday but it will probably be gone in a flash. Anyway, just wanted to give you all the heads up in case someone is looking! :girlsigh:
  2. Cheer up, CB!!!! *patting CB's shoulder* Your 28cm potiron Kelly is coming, I feel good "H" vibes coming from you.

  3. oops
  4. Thanks HG!!! :flowers: :heart: I was so glad it wasn't the exact one I've been dreaming of or I would've been tempted to do very bad things with the CC. :lol: :wlae: Heck, I was tempted for a second anyway! ;)
  5. Wah ... it's so nice of you to let us know~~ Don't feel bad, I'm sure it's coming!!!! I think finding that ideal bag is like finding or adopting the right pet. They find YOU, not the other way around.:yes:
  6. Hi Janet!
    My SA is Gregory. He is really nice and the first SA to ever actually call me. :lol: I would recommend him. :flowers:

    Thanks Kou! that is so true!

    DH is in the SF area so he is going to swing by and see it just for the heck of it and try to take a picture. It's out of my price range but it would be fun to see it anyway. I'd love to get a chance to hold it on Saturday. LOL I sound like a nut, huh? :lol: :flowers:
  7. Crochetbella,
    I know exactly how you are feeling and you know what???? My heart goes out to you. Keep smiling and be that money...your turn will come, so be ready.

    There is a ton of potiron out there and you don't have to worry!!! That is the beauty of it all.

    Just live through everyone else now...everyone has their time in life and yours is around the corner.

    LOVE YA!!!

    Wow, I have never seen a 35 in person...I bet chevre potiron is to die for and that bag must scream LOOK AT ME!!!!
  8. Hermes seems to get colors and bags in "waves", it is very likely that the size you want will show up soon. do not worry!
  9. oh we soooo need more fuchsia waves~ We need a fuchsia hurricane + fuchsia tsunami + fuchsia tornado + fuchsia typhoon + fuchsia earthquake + fuchsia apocalypse~
  10. I totally agree with avandome...^^

    A while back I started a thread about that and people reported in and we noticed that there were waves of color at all the stores. We should do that again like at the end of August and see what the latest is.
  11. Thanks KB!!!! :flowers: :heart: Love ya right back! I'm excited 'cause I feel like my time will come when for so long I thought "sigh, it's never gonna happen". I will keep on living vicariously until my day comes! :choochoo:
    Hey one of you all should buy her so I know she's going to a great home! :graucho:
    I've never seen a 35 in person either. Darn, I hope she's there Saturday. :upsidedown: :tender:

    Kou, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your fuschia wave!!!!
  12. :roflmfao: r u gonna be able to handled all the waves!!!:lol: Wait..what am I asking of KOU!!:shrugs:

    Yes, Crocetlady, you WILL get that Potrion Kelly when you are ready!!:girlsigh: :tender: :jammin:
  13. Thanks Pooh!!! :flowers:
    Hmmm I'm wondering if they got anything else new...LOL
  14. How awesome, crochet! I'm sorry that it's not the right time to purchase one, and you are wise not to "do bad things w/ the CC"! Sending you good vibes that you acquire your perfect Kelly when the time is right!:flowers:

    P.S. Potiron Chevre would be :tender: :tender: :tender: !
  15. Thanks OT! :flowers: :heart:
    Oh, I forgot to add that it's rigide in case anyone wanted to know. I bet the color is sooo yummy! :love: