SA at Nordstrom SF?

  1. Does anyone have an SA that they like at Nordies SF? I would like to call them about their planned delivery dates, but I would prefer to speak with someone that is knowledgeable about Balenciaga bags. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

    Also, is there a plan for the Seattle store to start carrying Bbags too?
  2. I have used Alyssa - very sweet. She found me a rouge vif wallet which wasn't on display.
  3. Per my SA at Nordstrom's/Seattle they can't carry Balenciaga at their store because Barney's does just a few blocks away.
  4. Wait a sec....did I miss something here? As far as I know, Nordies SF (on Market St downtown) does not carry B-bags. Did they just start carrying them???

  5. thats what i thought as well!
  6. So sorry - I thot I read Sacramento - Alyssa is in Sacramento - need to go to bed!
  7. Correct: the only Nordies *anywhere* that sells bbags is Sacramento :yes:

    My SA is Barbara, although she has consistently sent me the wrong bags, she is very sweet :upsidedown:
  8. I use Barbara as well. Very sweet...and helpful.
  9. you can order bbags from the sf nordstrom, ask to see their special order catalog.
  10. Yeah, I meant Sacramento, but was so caught up thinking about SF and the get together that I mistyped. :p Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.

    My SA at the local Nordies said that there is a chance that they will continue expand their selection of high end designers at more stores in the future. I thought I had heard something about Seattle, but I was wrong. It makes sense that they wouldn't carry Bbags if Barneys is close by. That same reasoning is why NM in Boston doesn't carry Balenciaga.
  11. Chuggie - I think one of the best SAs at Nordstrom Sac is Sarah Hinkel...I believe she is the manager and she deals directly with the buyer for Balenciaga. She is extremely knowledgeable & helpful. She will email you photos of the bags before you buy.
  12. ^^^Absolutely! Sarah's wonderful! She constantly emails me about stock with pics too!
  13. I work with Patrice, she is great and has gone way out of her way to help me out on several ocassions. Sarah is also very good--she is the official Balenciaga rep. for the store and works with the buyer. I would also recommend Claudette. Nordstrom Sac has the best SAs anywhere!
  14. Thanks again, everyone - I knew I could rely on my PF buddies to help direct me to the best people! I'll be sure to contact the above mentioned SAs.