SA Advice

  1. This question is on the heals of losing a great fancy French clothing designer SA who totally hooked me up with the good stuff at the beginning of the season and held the sale stuff at the end of it. She is sick and may not return to work. All the other SAs at the shop are so nasty to me.

    So, here is the question. When I got the fab Bolide pictured left, I actually called H on Madison Ave in NYC and asked if they had it in stock. The did and then I asked them to hold it for one day, which they generously did. But the SA who had helped me over the phone was not in the shop when I faithfully picked it up.

    I called him a few days later to thank him for his help and to tell him that I loved my first H bag. He was really sweet over the phone, and we chatted about proper care.

    So, now that I have purchased on thing from him, how should I go about working with him in the future? I am not going to buy another handbag for another year, but will buy clothing and accessories. Should I ask for him when I go in for that stuff?

    Thanks in advance for any advice. I am such a newbie.
  2. YES! I would absolutely ask for him again! Most of our members here are very faithful to one or two SA's...I would work with him again, if I were you!

    Good Luck, and FAB Bolide!!
  3. Yes ^^ but also work with someone you like. The Madison Avenue SA sounds terrific.
  4. Yes, I learned that one the hard way. My firs SA at Chanel was so difficult. He never listened and I had to constaly pester him so that my suits did not get lost in shipping ect. But for a while I felt like I was at his mercy.

    The Madison Ave SA was very nice and seemed to have all the time in the world. That is important because I sometimes feel like mutton dressed up as lamb when I go into posh shops.
  5. Yes, absolutely!
  6. LOVE your Bolide. What leather and size is it?
  7. Honey, now that describes ME to a 't' ! :p
  8. Thank you so much. I am soooo happy with it. It is 37 cm and in taurillon clemence.

    I wanted the slouch!