SA advice & help!

  1. Hello all!

    I am new to the forum but VERY obsessed with handbags and shoes. My Hermes collection includes, 2 Birkins, 3 kellys and 2 plume well as numerous scarves and other small leather goods. Here is my question/problem. I live in North Carolina and had established a great relationship with an SA in Chicago - I purchased 2 birkins from her...and have a waitlist/request list with her. about 2 months ago - she decided to leave Hermes after having a baby..then I got a letter with a new SA name and when I contacted her to just say "HI" and check on the status of bags - she also informed me that she was leaving Hermes too!

    So...I no longer have a SA that I deal with on a regular basis and am worried that I will not be contacted or just overlooked when my requests come in...or since I don't live in Chicago that they will ignore or forget me entirely.

    I have purchased mostly over the phone - the SAs in New York are not too helpful and San Francisco is okay....Advice from the group on how I should proceed.

    The closest Hermes is in Atlanta, GA and I have never been there - also they almost NEVER get bags - I have my name on a list there and have NEVER been called by them.

    Help? Thoughts?

  2. My thoughts and my thoughts alone...

    Did you know a new Hermes is coming to your state? I think you should look into that when it opens. That would ultimately be your best bet. It may not be right in your area, but then again it could be in your backyard. It would be worth a roadtrip to meet an SA right when the store opens and develop a relationship right off the bat.

    As for your present situation. I feel it warrants a phone call to the Hermes manager at the store where you have made all your purchases. Discuss with her in detail what you have been through and see if she can establish a new SA or even she can be your SA. Express your concerns and discuss your wishlist/waitlist.

    I have learned in time that the store manager carries all the power. He/she is the one who everyone must go too for any kind of handbag purchase etc.(at my store you must be approved by the manager to have a waitlist) In my Hermes, it was as if the manger is "God" and I hate to say that. So, I say go right to her with everything that is on your mind; and you have every right too with your history at that boutique.

    Good Luck.
  3. Wow! Welcome and we'd love to see pics of your collection! I'm especially interested in your Plumes because that's my next conquest!

    And now, onto your question. I'd make a call to the Chicago boutique and ask to speak with the manager. Explain your situation, pointing out specifically about the fabulous service you received from your formal SA and how sad you are that she's left. Be sure to discreetly point out your prior purchases/waitlist status, whatever. Chances are, the manager MAY know who you are already. Then, kindly ask for a recommendation for a new SA to work with that might best suit your needs. The manager should honor anything you've been listed for.
  4. hehe - looks like KB posted while I was typing. See, it's good advice!! LOL!
  5. Thank you sooo much. I will call the manager too - but tell me more about the Hermes in North Carolina - I am guessing it will be Charlotte or Raleigh - wonder if there is a way to get on an "opening" list - so that they know that I am a serious collector...hmmm!!
  6. Welcome to the forum!

    I agree with both Kellybag and Greentea.

    Go speak with the manager and discreetly mention your purchases and waitlist and ask for a recommendation for a new SA.

    Also, I don't know how far the next Hermès store is from your place, but do visit with your Birkin in hand and introduce yourself and discreetly point out your interest in making business with them.

    Good luck!
  7. Welcome! I have nothing else to add but would also love to see pics!! Did they ship your bags to you??
  8. SA left two months ago too in Chicago...her name was Cecile.
    Cecile have me Erins name but she left too to go to Cartier.
    I really miss Cecile too and have dealt with her for nine years.
    I got another name and she SA is very sweet...Caroline.
    Let me know what you find out.
    I live in Michigan so Chicago is my closest store except for the Neiman Marcus in Troy, but they hardly receive anything.
  9. You are in the same situation!! Cecile was my SA and then Erin...WOW! Who are you dealing with now - I plan to call the manager since that seems like the best way to go now. Thanks to all and I will post pics soon...

    Kelly 35 rigide - Brown (darker than gold and lighter than Chocolate)
    Kelly 32 rigide - Black Box
    Kelly 32 croc - Black
    Birkin - 35 Courcheval gold/gold
    Birkin - 35 Ardennes black/gold
    Plume - not sure size off the top of my head - but a kind of white/green color - small - kind of like for cocktail parties
    Plume - Barenia - again not sure about size - larger and long

    I am DYING for a white Birkin and a Raisin Birkin :smile:

  10. Oh Lordy - a Barenia Plume? Gorgeous. I'm begging you to post pics! And I see that you have a special croc in their, as well!
  11. Hi Robin...I've never met her but I've been talking to Caroline. She is sweet and really helps over the phone explaining things. Ohhh...I love your collection of Hermes bags!!:love: I just received my first Birkin 30cm last October and I had waited 2 years! May I ask did you find the croc Kelly in Chicago because I was told that they really never receive crocodile.
    Good Luck and let me know. I heard Cecile is in France now...wish she would return.:hrmm:
  12. Rozzienc, there is a raisin Birkin in NYC's back room as of yesterday.......
  13. Hermesgroupie, how did the raisin birkin look? What leather, size, hardware? Any opinion?
  14. YOWZSA!!

    I am tell more about the Birkin!! Wonder if they are open on Sunday and if anyone already has dibbs on the Raisin! Also - wonder how I can "subtly" ask about it...hmmm!! Must have!

    Also - in regards to the Croc Kelly - it is vintage - so not from the Chicago store. My box Kelly is also vintage.

    Best to all!
  15. The plume is nice...but definitely "broken in"...lots of scuffs and water marks...but Barenia is beautiful!