S06 Jimmy Choo Ramona Colors...

  1. Chocolate, Black, Stone, Navy, Lime...F06 Khaki/Black available for pre-order on www.saks.com...thinking about Khaki...
    JC Ramona Chloe Gladys 006.jpg New Bags 011.jpg Stone Ramona 001.jpg Navy Ramona Costume 002.jpg Lime Ramona 001.jpg
  2. SoCal: Thanks for the info. =)
    How many do you currently have? =)
  3. I currently have (gulp) 4...I exchanged the stone for the navy...will downsize my Ramona "collection" sometime soon...I use chocolate the most and carried lime for the first time this week...
  4. WOW, I love your Ramona's! I wish I had all of yours. lol I only have two Ramona's one in Navy and in Stone.:yes::biggrin:
  5. Love your Ramonas, SoCal. Is chocolate brown still your favorite?

    If the information I have received is correct, neither Stone nor Navy will be in the Fall collection. I think that Stone is completely sold out in the US in both the Ramona and the Riki, and I know that Navy was getting there too.
  6. I think you are correct. Stone and lime are sold out in the US and navy is in "short supply" according to the SAs in London. I did see one or two of each color in various stores in London last week. Harrods was the only store with lime; they had just received 2 and DH purchased one for me for "summer". Chocolate is my absolute favorite. I have not used black for a while, but plan to again in the fall when I am wearing my black jackets again. I have only used navy once and am still a bit undecided about her "long term future". I am thinking about the khaki for fall...I have a Ramona "problem"...I love this bag!
  7. SoCal, multiple congrats are in order! =)
    I remember you liking dark colors (your Muses & Paddies), lime's a surprise addition to the group? They are all beautiful in their own way, my favorites are Chocolate (Black is closed to it), Navy (hard to find a nice bag in Navy), and Stone. The 3rd picture's Stone? It looks darker in the picture than in person?

    Khaki's more of a olive color?
  8. Lime was a bit of a suprise to me too. I saw it at Harrod's and tried it on, expecting to dislike it...DH thought it looked great and bought it for me for a "summer" bag since I wear black quite often...

    Here is another pic of stone...it does change color based on the lighting...

    And a pic of khaki from Saks.com...
    Stone Ramona 004.jpg Khaki Ramona.jpg
  9. I love this bag so much. Black and Navy..!! :smile:

  10. Need a black bag but the chocolate is gorgeous :nuts:
  11. Theyre so nice! I have the black and I was going to have a look at the lime, but now I seem to like the stone more! It seems more usable than the lime?

    What colour is the hardware on your black? I think the photo looks funny coz it looks almost dark grey.
  12. The hardware is gold on each bag...my photography skills are a bit below average. :shame:

    The stone is a pretty color, but it did not work well with my skin-tone. The lime (yellow-undertones) is actually a better compliment for me.

    Oh, each Ramona is special in her own way... :love:
  13. Oh my, I'd kill for the Lime one!:love:
  14. Love the lime! I searched for the lime ramona, but could only find the rasia. Love love love the color! Congrats!
  15. Wow, Socal, don't blame you for getting 4! I just have the black and I'm really wanting a Navy or chocolate, can't decide....they are addicting once you get one in your hands! Beautiful collection!