***!!! :S WALLETS: Bifold or Long wallet? help!!!

  1. HIII lol...it's madein18...ocd man:flowers:

    I'm using a gucciGG fabric:yucky: 'bi-fold' wallet now...

    and don't know if i want to buy a LV...Bi fold wallet...or a...Long wallet...

    i like the long wallets because the money goes flat flat flat...lol:push:

    and bi fold makes the money...fold in half...:push:

    i don't know!!! women hold their wallets...or keep the wallet in their bags...right?

    do any women here use bi fold wallets?

    for the guys...: do you like bi fold? or long wallets? if bi fold...why?

    if long wallets...why long wallets? what are the goods and bads?:sweatdrop:

    THANK YOU!!!~:tup:
  2. I prefer bifold wallets because they aren't that bulky and can fit in my front pocket. [I don't put my wallet in my back pocket because I don't want there to be any noticable creases on it.]
  3. my only wallet is a Taiga vertical in anthracite and i've been using it for more than 4 years now. i prefer long wallets because, although it takes up a little more space, it is flatter and won't buldge. i also like my bills flat too. i can't stand creased money - especially our plastic AU$ which retains the folds longer. the only drawback is that i can't always put it on my pant pocket. but i do get to carry one of my bags everyday.
  4. i prefer long wallets...i HATE to fold my money. and i am usually using a speedy or something so the space is not a problem.
  5. I have the mono koala wallet.I have no problem with my money being folded. I like how compact it is. It holds a lot of credit cards and my favorite part it has an ID window. I hate having to pull my ID out when I am asked for it.

    My next wallet I want the MC koala.


  6. I prefer long wallets, but for a guy, I like bifolds.
  7. I'd choose long wallet over bifold... it's simply more chic style.
  8. I also prefer long wallets because I prefer my bills flat.
  9. I don't think that I have a preference, but I am longing for the Brazza wallet in Mono!
  10. I like both styles, but prefer the long ones because they can hold more cc's, cards and what nots. Guys can pull it off too ... especially if you have a bag to put it in.
  11. I also love long wallets. I can't really explain why, it's just a preference. Maybe it's just like Cheweyvy said: "it's simply more chic style"
  12. for male i would go with bifold : )
  13. I like long wallets better. I too hate folding my money! Lol. I have the PTI but I rarely use it because I use my agenda as a wallet most of the time.
  14. i have a long wallet the MC PTI and although i loved it, i don't use it as often as my panda bifold.
    it fits in my bag better :p
  15. I love love love my eldridge, because you can shove everything and zip it up ! I much prefer the long wallet style to billfolds, but then again, you can't really put the long wallet into smaller purses.

    It's up to you, which one do you think is more convenient ?