S stamped Hermes

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  1. im just wondering if s stamped items are items that didnt pass quality control or maybe items that were over produced or.... why does hermes have s stamped items :confused1::shrugs:
    sorry if this has been asked before--
  2. would appreciate inputs- thanks so much
  3. I think its for "sale" items. Do a search, you'll probably find it in the reference section.
  4. i know s stamped items are sale items-- but why does hermes have sale items? thats what i meant sorry.:yes:
  5. Hermes has sale items for several reasons:

    Seasonal items (cadenas, etc)
    Items that have been discontinued
    Items that have been in stock for a long time

    There is nothing wrong with the items usually, but it shouldn't stop you from carefully inspecting the item when you buy one (I do at the sales). Both my storeshave confirmed that items that do not pass quality assessment are destroyed.
  6. Perja...I've been told the same.
  7. Thanks very much Perja!
  8. I absolutely can confirm that, and the information comes from two store managers. Nothing wrong with these items, they would have been destroyed otherwise.:yes: There's just an S stamp near the Hermès stamp, that's the only difference.
  9. I've heard that VIPs are offered S items at special events. These are not run-off-the-mill items like those available at Hermes Sales, but Exotic skin Kellys, Birkins, Bolides, etc.
  10. Reading this thread made me look at my recently purchased (new) Birkin. Looking at the back of the strap there is the K (in a square) to the left of the hole, and to the right is what looks like a 3-digit number/letter combo. It seems to end in an S (it might actually be a 4-digit/letter with a 1 that blends in with the texture of the letter). The S is not in a box. This would NOT have been a sale item, right? My wallet certainly didn't feel a "sale"!
  11. wingnut, the S for sale would be all by itself. I'm sure it's part of the ID stamp but if you're uncertain you could ask your SA.
  12. Thank you! I was a little concerned about it until I re-checked. The S is definitely not by itself.:flowers:
  13. ;) you're welcome!
  14. WingNut, going from your description, I believe your piece was originally purchased by an Hermes employee during an Hermes sale. If this is what it is, it cannot be refurbished at Hermes.
  15. Actually, that's not correct. S stamped bags, including those followed by numbers, CAN/WILL be refurbished by Hermes. The only ones they won't refurbish are the Shooting Star bags because those were created by craftsmen for their personal use.