s she pregnant?!

  1. :nuts::confused1::p
    jennifergarner.jpg jennifergarner3.jpg
  2. dunno...sure looks like it. or she might just be slouching or something
  3. ^agreed... also, she's pretty muscular... or maybe she just had a big lunch:wlae:
  4. It kind of looks like it. Her stomach has that firm roundness to it, not that bloated roundness. She has said they want more children.
  5. I don't think she is. I mean, I wouldn't go surfing if I were her.
  6. She looks pregnant to me:smile:. I guess that we will all have to wait and see . . . The tabloids that are always so quick to jump on starting pregnancy rumors haven't mentioned anything yet. I find that kind of surprising!!
  7. My guess is that there will be an announcement soon. How great for her!
  8. Looks like it to me.
  9. oops......wrong place.......
  10. I dunno, her boobs don't look like it...
  11. In all the pics I have seen of her on her recent trip to Hawaii, she is never in a swim suit, always in surf gear or a cute cover up/sun dress, could that be a hint? I think maybe, but good point would she be surfing if she was preggers? I guess we will have to wait and see!
  12. idk about her being prego but luciana look very pretty here
  13. Hmm.. my stomach often looks bloated like that by the end of the day... :blush:

    She might be, early stage pregnancy is pretty hard to distinguish from plain ol' bloating. Bigger boobs don't come until later anyway.

    OT, she's wearing my running shoes! :p
  14. nah don't think so
  15. From what I know from my personal experiences, is that the tummy grows from the uterus up. It gets hard from the pubic area on up. It looks too high up for it to be an early pregnancy. But hey - if I had a kick-butt body like hers maybe things would be different. I just feel like it's not the right "shape" for an early pregnancy.... Silly me if she ends up being pregnant!