"S" shawls - buying from resellers at premium?

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  1. i think i just BIN a shawl which has a "S" on it, which indicated that it was bought on sale. the seller put a premium on it of course because it is from the 2007 season and it is rather attractive. the price ended up about $100 more than how much they retail here locally, which is about $150 more than the US and perhaps more compared to paris or europe (not sure). it is unused and in good condition. nevertheless, now i am thinking, if i had been foolish to BIN it... as far as love is concerned, i think i will love it, as it is the first H shawl which i fell in love with and brought me here. but will i loose a lot, if one day i decide to let it go? does it matter...?

    any comments?
  2. Just wear it and enjoy it.. there is always someone out there looking

    for H scarves.. I wouldn't worry too much
  3. ah. thanks hotshot. i saw that during authentication and a few other comments mentioned the "S" and whether an item is bought of a sale or not. so i thought it might matter terribly.
  4. If you like it and really love it, then S or not, shouldn't matter. No one would really know.

    Of course, it might affect resale, but then... are you sure you'll be willing to let go of it? ;)
  5. bagpunk, Which design is it? If it's a VERY sought after design, the "S" stamp may not matter much. For example, there are many here who would pay a premium for the Cheval sur mon Carre shawl and some other designs even if they have an "S" stamp.
  6. hi HNN. it is the belle du mexique in fuchsia. i don't think it is that sought after. i have never been lucky enough to want something that is highly sought after :P
  7. bagpunk, if you love it, it doesn't matter if it's sought after as long as YOU like it. You bought a beautiful design, and in good condition!
  8. :yes: ITA!
  9. Is this the one? Photo courtesy of Kallie Girl.

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    thanks gals. i was becoming a tad insecure because i realized that the "S" is much discussed :smile:

    thanks again for your reassurance!

    HNN, yup. that one :smile:
  11. ^^^^^ Wear it in good health!! It's a beauty!! :tup::tup:
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    thanks HNN. it wont be with me until next month. i can't wait!

    by the way, kallie girl sure has a lot of GM shawls :P i think i have two that are the same as hers now :smile:

    this collecting urge has developed in a scary speed. i only started looking at H's GM a couple of weeks ago! in the course of my hunt, i let go of an opportunity for a la rosee in acqua as i am uncertain about my ability to carry gentle colours (i look washed out), but can't stop thinking about it :smile: and am hoping for something in turquoise from the A/W 09 collection that my local H is still waiting for. i might take a break after that. since i am going to be a student again... :P
  13. I have paid loads more than retail for shawls that I have wanted. As long as you love it I wouln´t worry about the S mark, although I understand it is a little annoying. Business is business! If I ever saw my HG shawl I´d be willing to pay double its retail;)

    lovely shawl you got!

  14. thanks lovely! now you are making me think that i should have bid up to US$1500 for that rose shawl.... but i was only willing to go up until $1300.... sigh. too late now anyway.
  15. ^^^
    I always use a sniper service, that way I decide how much I am willing to pay, and stick with that (hopefully, unless I check on the bidding,LOL)