?'s :Saint-Jacques Poignees Longues?? Epi Lussac??

  1. Q 1.) I was just cking out elux and looking at the Saint-Jacques Poignees Longues. I seen some pics in the Epi Club of shorter straps on this bag...

    Here it is w/ longer straps from elux. :


    Does anyone know if the shorter strapped version of this bag is still available?? (probably not..):sad: Just want to make sure.


    Q 2.) Ok, (gonna ask this anyway)....The Epi Lussac....Is that discontinued?? :Push: (w/ my luck it probably is...) Ugh! I don't see it on elux. so I'm figuring it is.:sad:

  2. st. jacques w/short straps and lussac are both discontinued, but both show up on eBay quite a lot! Good luck!
  3. Haha, I knew it! Thx!!:yes: LOL!!
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