s/s10 swatches

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  1. From the Podium News thread ... there have been a few of us talking about the spring summer fairytale theme, new leather colours that include pink and bougainvillea red already.

    I only had time to take a quick and out of focus picture for us today. I know a lot of you can't wait for pink and red. Pink is true pink/ bubblegum pink and bougainvillea is red with a hint of coral, not as deep as rouge garrance, not as bright as vif.

    From the Podium News thread, some have heard that Pink may not be available in certain styles for bags. Can we get confirmation please?

    I pass the torch to our fellow members to capture the other colours and add it to this thread. Happy shopping!

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    Also in the collection, there's also bronze (the colour is NOT metallic, it's between chocolate and vert olive), some kind of green suede, brique in epsom.
  3. Thanks a lot for sharing! Do you know if the pink and bougainvillea also come in chevre?
  4. :love::love::love:PINK!!!:tender::tender::tender: thank you soooo much for posting this!!
  5. Thanks for posting the swatch Adia Daphne!! That pink reminds be of the Bubblicious bubble gum!! It will mostly be a popular colour!!
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    I think it does come in chevre! Not 100% sure though. Bougainvillea also comes in swift.
  7. Wow, you TPFr's are good. Already gathering intel on S/S10..! lol Thanks for the info.
  8. Well done for getting this, thank you Adia Daphne!
  9. Thanks so much for posting these. I love the pink. Although this popped into my head immediately:

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  10. I'm liking the new red too! Thanks, Adia. You're a sweetie!
  11. Dear Ms. AD:

    GOSH, that is so HELLO KITTY colors, I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!

    Thank you SO MUCH for litting us "DREAM"...
  12. :graucho::graucho:I've decided on my SO for SS10~~~ hahaha~:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. Thank you for sharing
  14. wow thank you. love the pink but bougainvilla really caught my eye :smile:
  15. Thank you AD for posting these.