S/S08 in Singapore in time for CNY!

  1. Ladies:love::love:,

    just called Chanel :love:and they said they got the bags in last week! :tup::tup: In time for CNY! The metallic flaps are in, not sure abt other bags tho cos I didn't ask.

    Just tot u wld like to know :smile:

  2. thanks for sharing.....i was at the taka today durin lunchtime, but forgot to drop by chanel store to check out if they have any new collections...:smile:
  3. the perforated line is in as well. :smile: they didn't have any of the navy blue metallics in last week though!
  4. I saw the metallic navy blue reissues last week... ??? there was still one in the display cupboard when I dropped at 1pm. I don't quite like the perforated ligne. It reminds of handy plast plaster. kwim? I'm still waiting for the PVC flip flops and the washed cavair to come in.... it's been such a long wait.
  5. really?? that's weird, i went in at about noon and it was a crazy feeding frenzy!! i saw all the other colors (black, all the silvers) but didn't see the blue. i asked the SA if she had any left first she said they were all sold out and then she said they never got them in. :confused1:

    i did see the new navy classic flap though, it's gorgeous and the SA told me it's lamb but i'm pretty sure it's washed caviar. it has that inbetween feel. soft like lamb but with a certain sturdiness! the chain felt a little like plasticky though?
  6. Thanks for sharing....
    Hopefully they'll still have some bags to look at and try on when I have a chance to go by the boutique.
  7. I was in town on Wed night and saw a lady carrying not 1 but 2 big Chanel paper bags! I did not have time to go into the boutique but I called last evening again, and was told they are left with black metallic! Sigh.......i am getting confused.
    1. stocks move so fast, they can change status in a matter of hours
    2. The SAs are confused
  8. Hi babevivtan, it's true - seems that only the black reissues are left. Was there the first day the stocks came in, and at that time, only 1- 2 of the silvers, and 1-2 gold reissues were left! The other coloured metallics are not in Singapore yet.

    Also saw the new timeless classic flaps. They have non-leather woven chains, and I haven't decided if I like the new chain though...

    And oh! Jewellery - there are some very nice pieces this season! Have pretty necklaces and gorgeous rings! I left flapless, but with a camellia round my neck.. tee hee!
  9. thanks ladies for the updates!
  10. :lol: yah i think it's this! it wasn't a matter of hours, when i came in at 12 ish she said they were sold out, then half an hour later, after she showed me the other bags, she said it never came in..
  11. I'm so confused.... i didn't see any of the new timeless classic flaps! urghh... i'm so fed up with Chanel here. They told me there were new arrivals on thursday but when i went in there was nothing... And then when I asked about classic flaps, they said they are not in yet... what is happening??

  12. ITA!!! :tup: To be frank, from personal experience, LV staff are much much more professional and knowledgeable about their products.....:hysteric:

    An example, Spore SAs told me beige and light colours including pink will have colour transfer and even showed one display bag to me that has that. But SAs in Paris insist there will be no such problem? WHY? DO THEY KEEP THE 'BETTER' CAVIAR IN PARIS??? I am so fed up sometimes.:boxing:
  13. Do they have melrose flap bag? and the ice cube flap bag?
  14. ^ i saw the melrose flap some time ago (back in early dec). A SA brought it out from the back shelves/hidden storage for another customer (along with the melrose cabas/tote)

    thanks for the update though babevivtan!

    another piece of news (not sure if it's news though), a friend of mine (who worked/works at chanel) was telling me the metallic black reissue (or the black one) was going to be an 00V item - i.e. not seasonal any more. so for those who're looking for the black (or metallic black reissue), i guess it's a huge sigh of relief there.

    i saw the python (in beige/tan) tote on the shelves when i walked past the store today too. and as for the metallic navy, i rang the store up on the first day of the launch of the spring collection and the person on the phone said the metallic navy wasn't in yet and she'd ring me up when it comes in (she hasn't). the navy lambskin was available though.
  15. i think it's pretty obvious that light colors are prone to color transfers. i don't know why the Paris SAs told you a different thing. anyhoo, i don't think they keep the 'better caviar' in Paris LOL. even so, i don't think the quality is gonna change or get any better.