S/S Runway shoes

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  1. Did anyone put themselves down for the any of the runway shoes for this collections? I put myself down for the goldleaf heels with the white sandal. How great will these be with my gold pap!?! They are going to be tough to get though- only like one size per pair. The Houston store isn't even getting any! :wtf:



    Oh yeah, and I gave in and am getting the silver speedy...UGH I hate you all. LOL Kidding! :roflmfao:
  2. Those shoes are amazing! I love them!
  3. Yeah, aren't they. I just adore them and hope I am able to get my paws on them!! UGH They are soo limited though!
  4. Her feet are crying out in pain though :p
  5. oh WOW they WILL look hot with the gold pap! oh BABY! hope you can get them!
  6. :yahoo: You go girl. :yahoo:
  7. They are also coming out with "Miroir" Shoes as well!! :smile:
  8. love them :drool:
  9. Yeah I know they are actually making tennis shoes!?!! :wtf: I don't know what to think about that! LOL
  10. Your shoes are GORGY! Can't wait to see pix of them with your gold pap! :nuts:

    Any idea what is the price range for their S/S runway shoes? I tried to inquire at my store, but they are not accepting orders for the S/S runway stuff yet. I love all the shoes !!! So I'm really hoping to get at least 1 pair.... :love:
  11. My SA mentioned anywhere from about $900 to $1500! :shrugs: Kind of a big gap! LOL
  12. Crystal, what do you mean 'one size per pair'? Do you mean:

    1) for each style, they will only receive one pair of each size?

    Or 2) they will only receive 1 pair of each style in one size only?

  13. I believe one pair/per size/per store receiveing them. Not all stores are getting them. Houston Galleria is a very large store and as of right now they are not getting them!?! :shrugs: My SA is checking with the other stores to see who all is getting them in.
  14. Crystal... where would you wear those shoes to?
  15. Hot shoes!