s/s MOUSSE or s/f GREY???

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  1. Hi, taking a vote as to which you would pick over the s/s mousse or the grey that is comming out s/f '06. Both have silver hardware. ET posted some pics on one of the treads...the colors look similar but just wondering which is a better choice of the two. Thanks!!! :smile:
  2. Hmmm...that picture is really not that descriptive for me.

    I have the mousse and would love to get a baby paddy in the gray if it is not metallic and has silver hardware.

    really, you could get continued use out of either - I think it comes down to what is more practical for you.
  3. The thing I love about the mousse is the sort of quasi-military feel to the grey-green. I think it's really versatile in a casual chic sort of way. But I am sure the grey for fall is going to be nice, too. I love the new silver hardware. So I guess it comes down to which bag color will coordinate better with your clothing and personal style.
  4. I would love to see a bag in the Fall 06 grey color before picking one. I do like the mousse an obscenely amount.
  5. The new grey looks like the dark grey from this year just with silver hardware. I would go for the grey because it's more versatile than the mousse even it is my second favourite colour.
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