S/S 2013 - Bal Intel

  1. Yes, I think it is available in most colors at least, for more details you can visit Balenciaga.com. It is only a little bigger than the RH, to tell the truth it doesn't justify the price difference, but I have bought three with RH and the rest in Giant as I eventually found that the tassels were getting in the way all the time. So do go for it I think you will like it. Actually I am thinking of Rose Bonbon City in GGH. :biggrin:
  2. Oohhh will you please post your whole mini collection if its not tooth trouble? I would love to see them all!!! =)
  3. I would love to post pictures but I have been unable to do so for sometime now. I have followed every step but I cannot post them. You can see some of them however if you go to my messages.
  4. ohh, there is a pic of Rose Corail on Petra Teufel's facebook page!
    I kinda like it, would love to see the colour with gold hardware!
  5. Ooooooo! Yes I imagine it would be pretty with gold!! When would it be released, does anyone know?
  6. I think it is available already. :smile: As far as I know Petra Teufel only posts pics of the bags they physically have in stock.
  7. I like the curry
  8. CeeJay..

    I'm in dilemma... Need your advice.
    Have you seen Dune IRL? Is it nice with Gold h/w? Im looking at either 1 of the following:

    Black with G12 rose gold / gold
    Latte with G12 rose gold
    Dune with G12 gold

    Is G12 rose gold still in production?
    Like light colours but afraid it's difficult to take care for daily usage.

  9. Hi!

    Does anybody know if these will be coming in a flat sandal as well as a wedge?? I lovvvvvve them!!!:love::love:

    TIA!!! :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:
  10. I've seen Dune IRL. It is a nice colour in my opinion. The colour looks quite similar with the picture that I've attached. I'm in dilemma as well. Been wanting to get a nude coloured bbag but I'm afraid the signs of wearing will show up quickly. I don't know if I should buy this bag or just wait for anthracite instead :sad:

  11. Hi BlossomLight,

    Thanks for your oppinion n the gorgeous picture!
    It's such a beautiful n elegant cour n combi.
    Oh gosh, love it at 1st sight..
    I'll settle with this colour :smile: was in dilemma earlier before seeing the picture but not anymore..
    How's the leather quality?
  12. I'm not sure about the leather quality since I didn't touch the bag. Sorry about that. Please do a reveal once you get the bag! :smile:

  13. OMG OMG OMG it is so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the pic!
  14. Dune looks really gorgeous!
  15. uhhh that's so beautiful !! reminds me sahara ggh 08, very nice combo!!