S/S 2013 - Bal Intel

  1. What a beautiful bag. And wow! A shorter shoulder strap? Do you happen to have modeling pics of it? I love the size of the Town but the shoulder strap is putting me off from purchasing it.
  2. I did not know wher to post this, are flat clutches still being produced? There are not on the website or are they?

  3. My SA sent me this pic the latest Bleu Tropical town in silver hardware ;) (he took picture w flash)
  4. Bleu tropical is such a pretty color!
  5. :drool:
    When will this color be available? Do you think Bal has learned how to avoid having their light blues turn yellow?
  6. It's avail now in France in part time and town... :smile:
  7. Hi, has anyone ever seen the dune city bag in real life? What do you think about the colour?
  8. I love it! Such a cheerful color, perfect for spring :smile:
  9. Its so pretty!! Reminds me of a swimming pool or topaz!
  10. Does anyone have a comparison shot between rose bonbon and rose bruyere?
  11. perfect blue
  12. Such a pretty blue!
  13. Can someone tell me the difference between mGH and regular GH? Is it smaller? Lighter? I would prefer to not have so many tassels, but have heard the GH is a lot heavier! TIA!!
  14. The mGH which is smaller than the G21 (old Giant Hardware) is not heavier than the RH with the tassels. The old one was way heavier.:smile:
  15. Oh thank you so much! Is the mGH hardware available for all city colors (I'm new to Balenciaga)? Would you say it's only a little bigger than RH? I think you have changed my mind to wanting mGH!