S/S 2012 black with gunmetal hardware


Apr 5, 2009
I know these aren't the best pics they are cell phone pics. I was so excited to get a black PS1 with the new hardware. I've always wanted a black PS1 but could never fork over the money for one knowing the hardware chipping issue they have. Now that I have it I've honestly have mixed feeling about it. I think the gunmetal hardware looks good with the black but for some reason I feel that this bag is a bit lackluster a bit too bland if that makes any sense. I can't help but feel that this bag would look better with either silver or brass hardware. Don't get me wrong the leather on this thing is amazing; it feels like butter. I can't quite pin point it but it's simply just not doing it for me and is most likely going back. Not going to lie I half want to keep it because the leather is so deliciously soft on this bag.

One of the things I've noted is that the holes on the leather straps are notably larger than before I don't know why but it kind of bugs me. I don't know if this is something that is just a fluke on my bag or if all the newer bags have bigger holes on the straps.



Jun 21, 2009
The leather sure looks amazing on this PS1 :love: -I agree with you on the changes though, but I guess PS sees the future in this new look and perhaps the old black coating will look dated in a few years? Congrats on your PS1 anyway! :biggrin:
May 1, 2008
The hardware is definitely muted but the bag is gorgeous Pixiejenna!

I hope they make the PS1 medium in black with silver hardware like the Travel Keep All.


Happy Chrissy!
May 11, 2009
I think black with brass would be a stunning combo! But this one really looks great and is definitely a versatile colour.

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Jun 16, 2009
not quite in paris anymore
I saw the three different combos on the shelf next to each other (black/black, black/silver, and black/gunmetal) in person. The gunmetal was by far my favourite!

The silver to me was a little to blingy (I am dull and don't care for GH on the Balenciaga bags either). And the black paint looked wonderful but, like you, I was afraid of the chipping.

I agree with you that may lack some zing but, for me, it allowed the quality of the luscious black leather and design to shine through. I thought it was the ultimate in understatement!

I think this bag and the richness of leather looks stunning but if it doesn't do it for you, send it back. That's too much money spent on something that doesn't make you heart sing.

(My only regret, if you got this from Erica, is that you didn't pick up an XL. I am hoping somebody who did feels the same way as you so I can pick it up :graucho:)

Seriously, I think that leather is sumptuous and gunmetal rocks!


The larger holes are interesting and thank you for pointing them out... Whilst aesthetically not as pleasing, I've found that holes like this have less tendency to stretch out when you're carrying a heavier load... Which, in turn, keeps the bag looking better in the long run (unless you never carry much in yours).


Apr 5, 2009
After thinking about it, it's definitely going back. As much as I love the leather I can't help but think how much better it would look with silver or brass hardware. If I can find my battery charger I'll take some more better quality pics before I send it back.