S/S 2010 On the Road Grey Medium Tote review with pics! I finally found a good tote!

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  1. Thanks, snowjade!

    I am glad the temptation meter is rising at least a little. I wrote this review because there were so many bad reviews about this bag that I had to try and fix that at least a little... I haven't stopped using this bag at all since I got it!! :biggrin:
  2. Yay, so excited for you pamper-me-silly! I finally saw the square tote people were talking about and it looks quite different shape-wise. It's much boxier and much larger so it's better for traveling, I think. It's also $3000 instead of 2350. Have you seen it? I quite liked it but it's a bit too large.

    Please let us know when you get yours and post some modeling pics? :tup:
  3. Hey schol! Happy Saturday.

    I looked at the cocoon ones and some of them are not reversible according to the NM SA? I am not sure if he was mistaken since I was under the impression that the whole point of cocoon was that it was all reversible... (?) But you're right, the lamb is very light! It's a very cute bag and they're really growing on me.

    Yes, I am totally in agreement re: the very cool grommets, too!! I noticed them on my tote too but didn't realize it was a new thing. (Can you tell I am not aware of the non-flaps?) :P Anyhow, the grommets rock! :yahoo:
  4. Oh wow, chanelfans. So glad you got it too! I think you will love it as much as I love mine! Really, I have not stopped using it since I got it last weekend. It's that flexible, easy to use and easy to match with anything. Please tell us how you like it when you finally get it and maybe post some modeling pics?? I will try to take some this weekend. Congrats!!
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    Last edited: Feb 13, 2010
    Hi KaraK!

    I am so glad you found the review helpful. I have never reviewed anything on tpf before but there is plenty of info on flaps so who needs another review, for example, right?? :P Anyhow, I felt I had to write the review cause people seemed to really dislike this bag at first glance and I just had to share the love I had! Heh heh. :P

    As to your questions:

    1) It's odd that the tag states that it's a large (I don't know my codes) but they told me it was the medium. Unless my tote is the large and the even larger tote is an extra large?? In any case, the dimensions I gave are right and the price is USD$2350. There is a much larger tote for USD$2600. I don't know the dimensions.

    2) All hw is silver on all colors and styles I have seen in this collection. I think the shw works better and can't imagine it in gold. Perhaps cause gold seems fancier and this collection is very casual...? In any case, it's a great collection! :tup:

    3) In the trapezoid shaped totes there are medium and large sizes. For the square one, which I finally saw at NM yesterday, I only saw a very large sized one. Actually, not only is the squared one much larger, it's also quite a bit more expensive at USD$3000. I liked it a lot tho... It'd be great for travel as a large carry-on!

    I hope that helps!

    I think it's best to go in person to take a look at it all! Good luck and let us know what you get! :tup:
  6. Thanks, ilovebrad! :biggrin:

  7. Love the bag! the color is tdf...I saw it at NM but wasn't sure if it's a functional bag, however, after reading your reveiw I am truely convinced that it's a great beautiful bag. I am thinking of getting one now....:tup:
  8. thanks for the review. I ordered mine in XL size $2600 should be getting it anytime soon. Dimensions given to me were almost the same as yours but the width.. width was 17 in instead of 16. My SA said it is in blue, but other TPFers said it's inbetween blue and purple (?)
  9. is this the same size as neverfull MM? did u say this is not d largest? so meaning the pic u posted is med or smal size?? thanks!!! i am wondering if i should get the coral red...hmm cant decide just yet :sad:
  10. Hi Yokie! Thanks! I am still loving this bag. If you love the color but don't like the style, you can get the other bags in the collection. There is a hobo flap that is quite large and there is a smaller shoulder bag flap. Both come in the same grey. Let us know if you get it! :tup:
  11. Hi jsg! Please let us know how you like it when you get your blue tote. It's beautiful by the way. I really liked it when I saw it and thought it would be a great travel carry on. Please post pics when you get it. :tup:

  12. Hi lightyear! It's not quite the same size as the Neverfull MM as I believe the Neverfulls are a bit taller. I bought the smaller of two totes. They called it a medium even though there is no smaller tote. If you can't decide on color, try to go to the store. Just get the color that calls to you! Let us know what you decide! :tup:
  13. I finally got my blue tote... i like the color but think the size is too big -- Im 5'7 and i would say its almost similar to Neverfull Large, the large tote is more closer to Neverful Mm.... now im in a dilemna , if i should return and change my XL to L and im torn between the gray and blue... though i already have several gray Chanels...
  14. Amazing bag ! Congrats! :biggrin:
  15. JSG! Pics please! :smile: Yes, I think the large tote you got is kinda big which is why I picked the smaller tote. I think you should definitely exchange it for a smaller one. As to color, if you have several Chanel greys than I'd say go for the blue cause the blue is beautiful!! However, I also went for the grey tho I have several grey bags... I just wanted a bag I could use everyday so I went for another grey! :P Let us know what you do!!! :biggrin: