S/S 2010 On the Road Grey Medium Tote review with pics! I finally found a good tote!

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  1. Hah hah, schol! Losing battle is right. I gave up a long time ago. :P Mmm, your collection sounds perfect-- they're all really different so I think it's great! Besides, you're a mommy, you're allowed many totes! My excuse is that I have to have totes for work and study. What did you think of the cocoons?? I think I want one too but not sure which one... I keep thinking about them but I can't distinguish the collection enough to make a decision about anything. I guess my wallet is safe for now... :biggrin:

    Can I see a pic of the tweet tote? I think it's the only one I am unsure of! I am so glad you got your portobello since the last time I was on the forum that's what you were hunting for! So a belated yay!! for you!! :yahoo:

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    There is this small cocoon tote dipslayed in the shoe section, 2nd floor in Chanel Rodeo Dr. The last three times I went there, I'd play around with it, totally intrigued by the reversible concept because it really looks like 2 different bags to me. The outer part is all red, soft, puffy, lightweight lamb, the inner is two-tone navy and red lamb as well. It looks sporty cute, like a nautical-themed, fun, summer, throw-around tote. Ahh, who am I trying to convince here, sounds like I'm already sold!:P But I swear, no more bags until I get my 3 main goals: red w/sh, navy w/sh, and beige clair w/gh jumbo caviar flap. I'm so committed to this I actually sold off all my bags except for my Chanels and my Goyards! It sure felt good to weed out my closet...so cleansing! Wish me luck!

    I've been too lazy to do reveals, so it follows I haven't a pic of my tweedy. But here's a stock pic from the Chanel website. You goota see this up close and personal to see how exquisite the details are.

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  3. [​IMG]

    OMG, schol! I love, love, love this tote! The color is divine and I like that the cc's are smaller than on most totes. (Have you noticed most totes have huge cc's?) Also love the chains and the tweed accents.

    Hey you have a nice list of wishes. I think you have one of the bags I am considering-- goat patent jumbo in bordeaux? I would love a bordeaux jumbo one day in lamb (UHG) but who knows when that will ever happen so the patent is looking pretty good to me. :P

    Anyhow, re: cocoon, is the lamb heavy? I was thinking the nylon must be uber light. You're right! They do look like two different bags. I just am leery FOR ME cause I am not skinny and I think it might be weird to have a puffy fat bag next to a puffy fat butt. Hah hah! :nuts:

  4. I really, really like this tote :love:... the color is just perfect and I am partial towards non-boxy (aka non-GST like!) totes! :smile: I may need to add this to my wish list! :nuts: I'm so glad you found the perfect tote for you... enjoy it! :smile:
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    Kai, you crack me up! You're very pretty, I know you don't have a fat butt so there! But seriously, the cocoons kinda remind me of puffy parkas. It's uber lightweight though, I was actually shocked when I picked it up and had to ask thrice if it was lambskin indeed. My vote goes for the smaller open tote. Less bulky that way...and it has a cute silver hook clip that serves as closure both ways, in or out. Then there's the cute contrasting coloured CHANEL patch...ok,ok, enough already :P.

    The TWEEDY tote, it's not as rigid in real life as it looks in pics. The black and white tweed lining runs all throughout the bag and peeks out at the seams to outline the silhouette. Mine is lighter in colour than the taupe stock pic, more bone than beige. It has a wide flap that covers the otherwise open top and it closes with the nicely sized CC turnlock closure. What I am giddy about though is the grommet. The braided tweed and ribbon threaded through thick silver chain handles are attached to the tote through these grommets engraved with CHANEL 31 Rue Cambon Paris. Initially I chose the Portobello over this tweedy tote 1) because the Tweedy costs $1K+ more than the Porto and 2) Tweedy is larger. I thought it perfect as a chic diaper or school bag. I am neither a new mom nor a student but still could not resist it. Once I saw the lovely bone colour, I ended up getting the Tweedy only a month after the Portobello came home with me! Sheesh!

    I better log off otherwise I'm going to go on and on and on about these totes! YIKES!

    Nighty-night Kai, nice catching you in the forum once again!
  6. lovely bag!! :smile:
  7. I love the color !! also can match all color clothes ~
  8. Really fabulous review!! So well written that it's causing the temptation meter to rise! :sweatdrop:
  9. Kai, we are bag twins!! I fell in love with the color immediately.. and as you said it takes on so many hues depending on what you are wearing. The SA at the Boca Saks told me that they only ordered black/blue because Neiman Marcus ordered the grey. Not sure I understand that logic!! For all that are sitting on the fence.. this is an amazing tote and pictures do not do it justice. :smile:
  10. Hi Kai,

    Your reply will never be too late. Finally I can't resist the temptation and have purchased the tote! Hopefully I will receive it next week! If I haven't read your review, I wouldn't have thought of buying the On the Road tote. The grey color is TDF! Thank you so much for your recommendation!


  11. Thanks Kai! Love your detailed review as I was thinking of getting the exact same bag as well! What a fantastic bag! :smile:

    Would you be so kind to help me with the following questions?

    1. Your thread title states that it's a Medium bag but the sticker/code details you gave state Large. Which one did you get?

    2. Is there a choice of silver vs gold hardware?

    3. Is there both a large and medium for both the square and trapezium shaped bags or is, say, the medium one a trapezium and the large one square?

    Thanks for your help!
  12. love it!
  13. Thanks, Minal! I am so loving this bag I haven't stopped using her since I got her. She changes color depending on lighting and goes with everything! :biggrin: Let me know if it does end up on your wish list too! Fer sure I can recommend it! :tup:

  14. Thanks, charmedmac! :biggrin:

  15. Thanks, ccloving! It really does match with so much. That's why I haven't stopped using this bag since I got it! I can't say that for any flap I have gotten... :P