S/S 2010 On the Road Grey Medium Tote review with pics! I finally found a good tote!

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  1. Kai,

    Your thorough review had tempted me to order this lovely Grey tote from my SA. The bag will be kept for me 1 day before I make the decision, can you let me know if the straps are comfortable?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Thanks pls5! I am gonna see if I can't scrounge up a modeling pic of me and my beloved tote but if you are impatient, there are some in Jill's thread which I included in the beginning of the review. :biggrin:

    Thanks, LVgirl888! Let me know what you think once you've seen it IRL. Don't ask me if you need more totes cause of course you don't but... a good tote (or purse) is like the everlong quest, isn't it? :graucho:

    Thanks, hoyaLV! I love the color too. In fact, I keep swooning over the color most. It's the no. 1 thing I love about it. :biggrin:

    Thanks, sbelle! You're totally right. At the store or when you wear it, it doesn't look so trapezoidal at all! Gosh, is that a word...? :P

    Thanks, joojoo!

    Thanks, jayjay77!

    Thanks, **Chanel**!

    Thanks, atlgirl!

    Thanks, allbrandlps!

    Hi Beach Bum/Jill! I am gonna see if I can post a modeling pic but I am sure you have seen the ones on your thread already, right? Anyhow, seriously, I loooove this tote more than when I wrote the review. The color CHANGES depending on the lighting and what clothes and colors you wear. Seriously, all time fave color. I am tempted to go grab the larger tote too... :graucho: Let us know if you get it!! :graucho:

  3. Hi nymifashion! I am also thinking about the larger tote. That's how much I love the bag and the color! :yahoo:Let us know if you get it and share pics if you do.

    Hi Ana JB!
    The salmon color is prolly the coral I saw. It's quite nice too! ;)

    Thanks, emememem!

    Thanks, Israeli_Flava! I am even more in love with the tote now, believe it or not. Even tho I have been really busy, I just had to write about this tote since it was getting so many bad reviews... :P

  4. Hi Chanelfans! I hope my reply isn't too late. I have been so busy lately... Anyhow... Straps are very comfortable. Though I imagine if you REALLY load it up, it might dig in your shoulders like the Neverfulls do. Not a problem unless you wear tank tops all the time. Also, prolly not recommended to overload your bag to that pt anyways cause the leather will start to stretch too much and you might end up having a deformed bag.

    Are you gonna get the bag too? Share the joy when you do, ok?? :yahoo:

  5. Hey Purse-nality! Yeah... that's what happens when you stay away too long from this place, the pressure builds up and you explode! :lol: Congrats on your Prada in bambu. Seriously, it's an amazing color. I was all bummed out about missing the taupe flap and now I feel-a-ok!! I will try to model a pic soon but there are some modeling pics in Jill's thread which I included in the beginning of the thread. Oh, I saw your HK pics on Mia's blog. Looks like you gals had fun! :yahoo: PS: Wai's wedding was lovely and of course, hanging with lovely Wai and lovely Mia was even better. I will see if i can post some pics soon. ;)

  6. LOL, bfali! Oh man, I just had to write a detailed review, kwim? All the other reviews were so bad and I was like, wow, this is the happiest purchase I have made in a while! Happier than when I found my last HG cause I just used HG for 2 hrs and put it away. This tote I am using daily. I wanna get more in this color! :P Anyhow, yes, it's super practical. Please share the love if and when you get the purple that you really really really like. heh heh. :graucho:

  7. Thanks, mylilsnowy!!

    Thanks, Tartine!

    Thanks, babyontheway! Btw-- is baby still on the way?? :yahoo:

    Thanks, LVDevotee! If and when you see the collection, please let us know what you think!! :graucho:
    Thanks, nighteyes!

    Hi bagcat! Isn't bambu the loveliest color?? :yahoo:
    Thanks, echo_23! I tried hard to write a detailed review since unlike the classics and the usual well-loved suspects, there just isn't much 411 on this bag. When you buy your bag, please share the love with all of us! :yahoo:

    Thanks, pro_shopper!

    Hah hah saks4me!
    I wasn't planning to be an instigator. Just had to write a detailed review cause there wasn't much on this bag nor collection and most of the reviews so far were quite unfavorable so... I felt bad for the bag! Hah hah! Anyhow, I love the grey more and more. It changes in color depending on the light, etc. :yahoo:

  8. love that color! I only saw postings in this style in blue, but this neutral color looks gorgeous!
  9. Thanks, chanel_luv!

    Thanks, sclisa!

    Thanks, kaka! I am glad you liked the review. I wrote every detail down cause I like lots of details. Heh heh. :P

    Thanks, puglypie! Wow, is your quota one bag a month?? That's a very generous quota, lucky girl! What did you get this month already? And if you do end up getting an On the Road tote, please share the love with us and let us know how you like (love!) it. :P
    Thanks, Noegirl05! Are you gonna get it too now? There are other neutrals besides the grey. There is blue and black too. Isn't the price point great? :biggrin: I seriously still can't believe 227s are almost 4k. I doubt I will be getting one anytime soon. :tdown:

  10. Thank you, Nat! I am glad you think the review is helpful. I tried to include lots of details since that's what I like too. :P And now that you mention it, I totally remember you saying that the thinner straps probably make the bag lighter and you were absolutely right!! I am loving the weight (or lack thereof).
    Thank you Cari284!

    Thank you, rosasharn78!! I really do love the color. The pics don't do it justice!! :P

    Thanks, tillie46! It really is more beautiful in person as the color changes according to the light, what you wear, etc. And it is majorly comfy! :yahoo:

    Thanks, MrsM-6-7-08! Which bag did you get?? Which which which? I am loving this bag so much I wanna get another one! Not kidding. :P Anyhow, I know what you mean about wanting a review on this collection. I also looked and looked and when I found nothing but kinda negative reviews, I knew I had to write something very detailed listing all the reasons I love this bag. Heh heh.

    Please tell me which bag you got!!

    Thanks, mojo!!
    I am glad you enjoyed my detailed review. I wondered if it was overkill but then I love reading about all the details as I research my bags... so I thought it'd be ok?? Heh heh.

    Thanks, schol! Thanks for the compliments on my review. Wow, you have 4 Chanel totes already? I think I only know of your beautiful blue puzzle tote. Which are the others?? I am gonna have to check out the Paris Venice tote you mentioned too since you're such a big fan of the totes!

  11. Thanks and omg, pond23! I totally agree! This is one of the best colors Chanel has come out with, so much so that I want to get another piece... but which??

    Hi Kaban!
    Thanks for the congrats! It's been a long time!! How are you? I hope you're doing well. :biggrin:

    Are we bag twins?? I am so glad you love this tote as much as I do. I really think one needs to see it in person to appreciate it. I saw the pics and just DID NOT THINK ANYTHING of it but in person, I carried it in front of the mirror for two seconds and said, I am taking this!! hah hah. I think grey is where it's at!! I am glad I got it. I didn't realize saks only got black and navy... Yay! :yahoo:

    Thanks, peachbaby! I see the cabas in your avatar so I can totally see how you're about the comfort. :biggrin: I am glad you enjoyed the review and that you will check it out IRL because this beauty has to be seen IRL to really appreciate! Please let me know what you think when you do see it. ;)

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    congrats!!!! wow you have me convinced, i so want one haha is it more purpley than gray??? i love it, i wonder what the coral looks like irl
  13. Hi Hi ceci and thanks, thanks ceci! :biggrin:

    It has been a while and yes, I am still studying. It's never-ending! :P You're going back to work?? How long have you been off? I am on semi sabbatical. I don't go back full time until next month tho I want to go for another month. Wish me luck!

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    Thanks, winiebean! I am so glad I have you convinced. You should definitely check it out IRL to see if it will suit you. The color is more grey than purple, however. There is a purple version so it's best to see the colors in person. The pics just don't do it justice at all. In fact, I love my grey (taupe) more and more each day as I see it in different lights and situations! Anyhow, if you do end up getting it, please let us know what you think and share some pics. :yahoo:

  15. Kai, I currently have the bleu roi patent puzzle tote w/gh, a bone(very light beige) tweedy tote w/sh, the XL black rodeo perforated tote w/sh, and the 09A black glazed distressed calf portobello w/grey & black tweed flap and sh. Add to that my 1)black and 2)yellow Goyard St. Louis pm totes...it's a losing battle Kai. Today I was even seriously contemplating the coco cocoon reversible totes in the boutique!