S/S 2010 On the Road Grey Medium Tote review with pics! I finally found a good tote!

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  1. Hi Lovely Ladies!

    I just had to write this review because despite some negative reviews regarding this tote, I bought it yesterday and I am loving it!

    Note: Apparently, there may be a square shaped one out there but I didn't see it at my local boutique. In fact, I didn't even know the square one existed until I had already bought my tote and read Jill's thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel/what-is-this-bag-called-and-nice-irl-547780.html

    Some background: I wasn't really looking for a tote. I've wanted but pretty much given up on an everyday Chanel tote. For me, my basic, everyday tote had to be easy and comfy to use. But the usual well-loved suspects didn't work for me: GST is too boxy and stiff for me and I can't carry it comfortably under my arm. Biarritz, which I really hoped would work cause I love the way it looks and the way it stands upright, is also a bit boxy and stiff for me and the sizes aren't quite right. For example, because Biarritz is taller than it is wide and the interior is black, I knew I'd be stressed out once a week every week thinking I had lost my keys or wallet. :P Also, both GST and Biarritz totes are too heavy (for me). I know many of you ladies love the GST and the Biarritz and I love to admire them on you and others! But to give you an idea of just how important comfort is to me, I have always been a fan of Prada, LeSportsac and Kipling nylon for travel. :P Thus my everyday tote had to be a light weight bag that was good for weak muscled and lazy people like me. :graucho:

    So yesterday, I went to my local boutique to see the new valentines in person and to check out the green chevron. In fact, when I walked in, I didn't even notice the On the Road stuff. I had seen the pics online and thought I wasn't interested. But then I saw the grey medium tote, I was sold instantly!

    What I love about this tote:

    1) The color is amazing. I can't help but think of Hermes's etoupe. Chanel calls it very plainly, "gray," but I think it's so much more than that. It's this yummy grayish brownish color with very, very slight purple undertones that goes with everything. Note: The threading in the quilting is dark brown. Also, check out the beautiful veining and slight distress in the leather below. Yum!


    2) It's light. Oh this is important for an everyday tote! Even my 227s and jumbos can get heavy on the weekends when I don't carry everything cause I've pared down my bag contents so my totes on a regular day can feel like dead weight! :P

    3) It's very well organized. This feature I was especially impressed with. Three sections with a more secure, full sized zippered section in the middle. The zippered section is important as there is no magnetic tab to close the bag. However, because the bag is trapezoidal, the bag sort of closes itself. I am not sure if you guys know what I mean but think of the Biarritz and the GST and how they're just wide open at the top. The trapezoid shape means the top is more closed. Does that make sense? Anyhow, this just makes me feel more secure as I like the convenience of an open tote but don't like people to be able to access or see EVERYTHING that easily. :P

    More on the organization... There are also pockets galore. One one side: One large zipper pocket along with a small slip pocket for an ID or credit card. (Very convenient for domestic travel when you're just using your ID)! On the other side: one large slip pocket and (finally, finally, yippee yi yay!) a phone pocket that is large enough for an iPhone or similar. There probably have been other bags that have come out with a large pocket enough phone pocket but I probably missed it cause none of the totes previously have worked for me.

    Check out the nifty ID card slot here:


    Here is my iPod inside the phone pocket since I was using my iPhone to take pics:


    4) The leather is perfect and easy to use!! No need to fuss or worry about anything. It's glazed caviar so no worries about scratches!! In fact, the leather is slightly distressed so it's soft and scrumptiously SMOOSHY. That means some of the benefits of a lamb tote without the obvious deterrent-- SCRATCHES.

    5) The straps are just right! I know that many TPFers have lamented over the thin straps but I actually think they're a selling point. Why? Because it's easy and comfy to wear and the straps stay on your shoulder! Also, thinner straps means less weight overall. (Gosh, I am like my grandma with all this emphasis on comfort! Heh heh...) But the thin straps don't bother me at all and in fact, I like them just fine. I also like the silver studs on the straps as well. Picks up the other hardware on the bag (the logo and the rivets for the straps).

    6) The size is just right! Not too large and not too small. Approximate dimensions are:

    Height: 11 inches
    Width: 16 inches at the bottom and 19 at the top (so it's not TOO trapezoidal since that's three inches total across and just 1.5 inches extra on each side); and
    Depth: 6 inches.

    Since I am doing the numbers, here is the style no. and other info on the tag too:

    10P A48019Y04624
    Large Tote Bag

    While at the store, I also saw On the Road bags (totes, smaller shoulder bag, larger hobo flap) in coral, blue (kinda like cobalt but less intense) and black. The large tote would have been perfect as a very stylish carry on for traveling and I would have grabbed it as well if I was looking for a travel carry-on kind of tote.

    Anyhow, I am loving my tote! Several TPFers have mentioned that this new tote kind of looks like an LV Neverfull and I think they're right but I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. Why? Because although I am not a huge LV fan, I do know that Neverfulls are very easy to use. They're light, carefree and very low maintenance because they're coated canvas. Hence, even though I would have never purchased a Neverfull for myself, I've always envied girls with Neverfull bags just a little. Now I don't have to. (Ok, this may not be a fair comparison since the Neverfulls range from $650-$750 so of course the On the Road Chanel tote at $2350 should have more structure, some pockets, lining, etc etc).

    Anyways, now I have a Chanel tote that is just as comfy, almost as light and carefree but more structured yet still kinda slouchy (when compared to a Neverfull). As far as I am concerned, I've hit the jackpot. Oh!! I forgot the other things I liked about my tote.

    7) Discretion. The back of the tote is just plain (quilted). It does not have a pocket like the flaps or the GSTs so when i don't want people to see the CC logo, I can just turn it over to the other side and it doesn't look like I am wearing my tote backwards. Sometimes I don't want a logo (that's why I like my reissues).


    8) Price! With the recent price increase (I can't believe a 227 is $3600--almost $4k with taxes!!), this bag feels nicely priced.

    Hope you guys find this review helpful!


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  2. Congrats! Enjoy! Modeling pics?
  3. It's beautiful, Kai. Thanks for sharing. After your descriptions and pics, I think I need to see this tote IRL. Do I really need another tote? I already have ten totes in my collection.
  4. I didn't care for this style until I saw it in this color. Beautiful. Congrats!
  5. Great review! Thanks!

    The grey is gorgeous!

    I also just saw this style irl this week and really liked it. I did not think from the pictures that I would like the shape, but honestly when you see it irl you don't notice so much that the sides are not straight up and down.

    I think this is a great bag!
  6. Congrats! Enjoy!
  7. Lovely bag and lovely color!
  8. It's beautiful and I love the color too! Many congratulations to you and enjoy and thank you for sharing :smile:.
  9. It's beautiful, many congrats!!!
  10. congrats it's beautiful.
  11. wow..i LOVE this color best!
    WOuld u please post modelin pics?Ive always liked this bag and u are making me want to buy it again!
  12. Really love the color! I wonder if I can find a bigger one in that color...
  13. Congrats! Here in MTL they have this bag in a SALMON color. The color of your bag is really chic-neutral. :smile:
  14. Beautiful Bag!!!!
  15. I'm feelin the :heart::heart::heart: u have for this bag coming thru in your writing!

    :drinks: to the CC tote that made your heart :whiteflag: