S/S 2008 Do I need to pre-order?

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I'm new to LV but plan to purchase my first from the S/S 2008 collection as I LOVE the colors!:heart: Do I need to pre-order or should I be able to find the new bags in a LV boutique in February?:confused1: Also, does anyone know if there is a much better selection in the LV boutiques than in a department store?:confused1: I went into a LV boutique for the first time a few weeks ago on Michigan Ave in Chicago and the staff seemed very annoyed when I tried to find someone to inquire about a Speedy... I walked across the Street to Saks and they were extremely helpful so I wasn't completely turned off but they were out of the Damier 30... Anyway, all help is greatly appreciated!:girlsigh:

  2. You need to waitlist some bags may make it the display but it's in your best interest to put your name down it increases your chances of getting something which bag are you interested in?
  3. Thank you so much for your help

    The one I want I saw in the video on the LV website. I tried to do a print screen while watching the video but the pics are still a little blury. I'm not familiar enough with the LV bag names to know which one this is but I keep rewinding the video over and over just to see this bag! Do you know the name (it's attached)?
    LV SS08-01.jpg
  4. [​IMG]

    As you can see it's called mancrazy!
  5. It's called Monogram Jokes - Mancrazy the price is estimated at $2625

    edit beat me to it
  6. That's her!! Thank you! I will try to find a boutique who will put me on a waitlist! Do you know if Saks does waitlists as well?
  7. Also, I saw this one in the LV reference library:drool:... Does anyone know the name and approx price of this one?
    LV SS08-02.jpg
  8. That one isn't being made I think
  9. FOr those bags I'd wait lst as quickly as possible.

    A little tip that might work if you're insecure of which model and bag to choose; make sure that you let the SA know if you are getting one, two or three, how interested you are and so on. FOr the hearts f.ex. I told the sa i'm not getting five, only one or two, but she still insisted on putting me up for all, but in that way she won't feel like she's wasting time on me even though I waitlisted for all. I try never to creat unnecessarry expectation to avoid annoying the SA. =)
  10. do you guys think a bag like bellevue will be available for awhile? does anyone know when that bag will be released? TIA
  11. if you are 100% sure you're getting a bag from the s/s collection, let the boutique know that you're willing to charge your card when the bag arrives. this helps your standing on the WL since you're essentially going to take it when it gets there.

    if you're iffy, still get on the waitlist. i never take any chances when it comes to runway/LE items.
  12. me tooo..i am waiting for the men bags..they look nice on pics but rather see in person..so i still debating abt whether to waitlist or not...:yes::confused1:
  13. ^
    If you REALLY want it and your store sells stuff out quickly I'd waitlist. Here the men's bags are around for ages, so I wouldn't bother to waitlist for something I wasen't obsessed over.
  14. Would it be a good idea to waitlist for the damier neverfull?