S/S 2008 Bags ...some photos!!

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  1. Beautiful bags! I like the fourth bag in the first group picture. Woven frame bag? Anyway, I think it's just beautiful, I wonder what color that is?
  2. :nuts::drool: Oh my word! Thank you for these pics :flowers:

    I love the bags in the third and fifth pics - the slouchy round ones in tan and rose :heart:

    I wonder how much the rose one is..............:graucho:
  3. Wow thanks for posting! The white woven frame bag and envelope clutch are :drool::drool::drool: I thought my wallet will be safe for the spring but I can see that's not the case. :sweatdrop:
  4. Thanks for giving us a peek at the spring collection!
  5. Great glimpse into the future of BV.
  6. wow...i want the clutch...looks so nice!
  7. sigh.... glorious! ..... I love the white woven frame bag .... anyone knows what the damage would be for this bag?

    Pursemojo, thank you for bringing me on a magic carpet ride (wishful dreamin' for me at this moment - can't afford any of these right now, been spendin' too much this year!) !
  8. You've given me a new appreciate for BV!
  9. Just amazing! This collection is beautiful! It's sure is gonna be a looonnggg wait 'til spring time...are we there yet?....are we there yet? :flowers::flowers::flowers:

  10. Glad to have contributed to your new 'addiction.' Gotta admit that my jaw dropped when I saw these...particulalry the hand held bucket and the frame bag. First thought was I need to start saving now...perhaps tell the husband 'no birthday, anniversary or xmas gifts this year, just start a BV fund.'

    Can't get that bucket out of my mind.... very dangerous sign.
  11. Lovely bags, Can't wait till spring!
  12. This is a fantastic idea ..... I don't mind proposing this to DH !:graucho: I'm eyeing at the white frame bag..... it looks scrumptious!
  13. Thanks for posting!! Wow!