S/s 2007 ?!?!?!?!?!

  1. Have you recently viewed the LV S/S 07 collections? Did you notice a bag that was red/white/blue with checks, and had a big circle LV stamp on it? In hongkong and china, these bags are known as "hong/bak/lam" which is "red, white, blue", and loads of old and distressed people carry them whilst travelling. They're made of plastic and are usually used for travelling. Anyways, how much do you think this bag costs making in the first place? 2pounds? 1pound??? It irks me to know that LV would come up with such a hideously horrendous bag, and sell it for hundreds of quid!

    Don't fall into the trap and buy THAT bag!!
  2. LOL...we had so many threads making fun of this bag..
  3. Yes, I think I know exactly which bag your'e talking about. It's that sort of plasticy fabricy looking bag.

    I'm telling you guys...LV thinks we're all a bunch of morons.
  4. They must think: well they (the consumer) keep paying the price despite our ridiculous price increases 3 times a year. I wonder just how much we can get away with? Let's try selling an ugly plastic shopping bag for an inflated price and see if they bite. Those lucky folks over at Chanel beat us to the trash bag tote idea and those are selling like wildfire. :P
  5. HAHA. Boycott LV!!! (i'm gonna get slaughtered!!)

  6. I don;t think I will be able to boycott LV..I just pick and I choose thge bags I like and dislike..Love my Louie:love:
  7. There is no need to boycott LV because you don´t like some of the bags from the new line...
  8. Agreed.
  9. Now that's a bag I WON'T be on the list for!
  10. LOL!!! :roflmfao:
  11. Personally, I like it now.:yes: It is going to be made from braided leather
    72117344.jpg 00030m.jpeg
  12. This bag seriously looks like those 10 dollar HKD (meaning around $1.5 USD) bags that old ladies tote around for travelling. What was Marc thinking? It's not like we're so brainwashed into thinking that everything from LV is a must buy...
  13. i agree! i can literally hear the hongkong old ladies screaming "fai di hang la!!!" hehe.:graucho:
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. Oh my goodnesss, my grandmother carries her knitting around in a really similar bag!