s/s 2007 python metallise - gold - thoughts!!

  1. hi everyone- what are your thoughts on this bag.. i'm loving it but is $4195 - think it may be way over my price range! :shrugs:
  2. forgot the pic!

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  3. Wow, I wish I could buy that, but I don't think I will ever be able to afford it (at least not anytime soon), however, it's a beauty.
  4. Very pretty, and very different looking too. I love it!!!
  5. It's very unique. I'm not sure about the price tag though. It's a bit steep for me but if you have the budget for it then you should get it. I think if you love the bag then it'll be worth the money.
  6. I am not crazy for it.
  7. wow, at the pricetag, and the bag! its pretty unique different, but personally not a huge fan. Not that its not nice, it is, just that its not something i'd pay over $4000 to own.
  8. Soni,
    I saw this bag in Geneva, Switzerland and I fell head over heels in love with this bag. I have 3 python handbags - all Gucci, and all together cost one of the Chanel. The thing about python is that you always have to condition it with special reptile conditioner or else the scales will start lifting up. Also, carrying python in the heat will cause the scales to lift up. The lifting scales then start to create snags on your beautiful Loro Piana sweaters when you carry it. Understand that the bag needs to be conditioned frequently because scales don't easily take in the conditioner as easily as leather. Unless you're really into the upkeep of these bags - which I'm sure you still be, given the price tag - I suggest you put the money towards something else....like maybe an alligator Chanel! I'm trying to do that, but I'm constantly distracted by other pretty things in the Chanel line.
  9. jade.. thanks for the helpful advise! I didnt know about this special reptile conditioner! I have about 3 python chanels evening clutchs already ( all very different from one another) so far so good as no lifting- but ur right the price tag on this bag is steep... and i dont think i can part with that much money for a bag!
  10. it's gorgeous! but like many others, I can find bags that are equally gorgeous and at least half the price. keep looking, while this bag is beautiful, it's not something that screams "BUY ME NOW"
  11. Especially not at that price!!!
  12. ^ :roflmfao:

    maybe it'll be on sale in the future and you can get it :graucho:
  13. In london nothing like that ever goes on sale! Only shoes!