S/S 2006 Bronze Stam - Am I too late???

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  1. Hey MJ ladies!

    I haven't posted in the MJ forum in a long, long time...but I'm back with a vengeance! I think I might be a bit late, but I've decided that I MUST have a stam. :heart: It's one of those bags I've always loved, but have never gotten around to buying, and I've recently decided that now is the time! :graucho: Of all the stam colours, I always loved the bronze...but am I way too late? Are consignment shops and eBay my only ways to find this bag now? Also, did this bag ever go on sale?

    TIA for your help!! :flowers:
  2. A member got one about two months ago on eBay...I think for $800? They appear every now and then...we'll keep ours eyes peeled. :smile:
  3. Sharon, you're still on the hunt? I hope you've had a chance to enjoy your new Chanels!

    I'll keep my eyes open for you. I see them pop up once in a while but not as often as before...
  4. devinesgirl2004 - Oooooo...thanks for letting me know! :nuts: Now I have hope!!! :tender:

    thithi - LOL, I should NOT be on the hunt...but this bag has eluded me for too long now! ;) Thanks so much for keeping an eye out - you're such a sweetheart!! :heart: :heart:
  5. hey sharbear - i got mine on eBay in August for $380.00!! the seller didn't have the greatest pics so I was able to snatch it up for cheap and have it authenticated here. my best ebay deal by far!

    just keep an eye out for wear in the metallic color if you go through ebay.

    mine shows some wear on the bottom and a bit by the kisslock, but for 380.00 it is all good.
  6. OMG - what a fab find!!! $380 is a ridiculous steal!!! :tup: Fingers crossed that I find a similar deal!!!!!!!!!!!!