S/S 2005 Teal Shoe/Clutch SP 249 BIN 349

  1. VERY cool!

    Good luck with your sale Mimi!
  2. I just woke up in the middle of the night, checked eBay, and grabbed this! I sold my teal city last summer, so am excited to get back a little bit of this color. I am also looking forward to trying out a style I have never seen.
  3. Congrats, citychris...
  4. Yay congrats Chris & Mimi! Man you are good Chris, waking up in the middle of the night to check eBay... :p
  5. Well, unfortunately (or fortunately in this case) one of my girls usually wakes me up at some point. Even when they don't, it seems I'm conditioned to wake up anyway. A little computer time and some warm tea or milk and I'm back to sleep, this time happily thinking about the teal bag I just won.
  6. Yayy! :love: You're gonna love it Chris!
  7. Thanks mimz, I can't wait to receive it!
  8. congrats. I just bougth this bag too and was completely broadsided by how gorgeous the color and leather is on this. Pictures don't do it justice. You'll love it!