S/S 2005 or S/S 2006 First?

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  1. hi all!

    I'm considering purchasing either a second hand S/S 2005 or S/S 2006 First. Which do you guys recommend? The wear on the S/S 2005 is greater, but I prefer the shape and color of the metal things over the 2006 one. I hear that 2005 leather is super soft???

  2. 05 Leather is great, but I'm not sure what you mean by the color of the hardware. Both 05 and 06 had regular brass hardware. I guess 05 has a more vintage-y look to it, but hardware eventually wears and gets that look anyway. I'd go with the 05 for the leather. There are lots of pictures on PF of gorgeous 05 Firsts, hope they help you make your decision! :flowers:
  3. Since both are chevre, you can't go wrong with either ;)

    I prefer the 05 leather but the crackle on the 06 leather is really nice too :yes:
  4. aw thanks for your help guys!

    just one more question...does quality of the leather trump the condition? the 2005 bag is "good - preloved"...and the 2006 is "excellent".

    thanks! excited! :yahoo: