S/s 14 reveal

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  1. My very first ps1 in rip tide!! I'm hooked!! I need a medium or large in a neutral colour now lol, can't wait to eventually get another one!!
    I love the ps1!!! Gorgeous style and beautiful leather:heart::heart::cloud9:

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  3. Love love love

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  4. This is a gorgeous color! :love: Congrats!!
  5. Gorgeous! Such a pretty color!
  6. Congrats! Love the neutral color!

  7. beautiful! love that blue!
  8. Just gorgeous! In one photo it looks more teal and in another it seems more blue. Which color is more accurate?
  9. Hard to say because it looks different in different lighting but it I'd definitely say a medium bright blue
  10. congrats! it's such a pretty colour!!! :smile:

    p.s. did the bag come with an authenticity card? i bought at ps1 on thurs but there wasn't an authenticity card :sad: am wondering if i shld call the retailer!
  11. is this the Tiny? i love this! congrats :heart:
  12. Gosh I love that blue!
  13. Love it! It's a beautiful blue
  14. very pretty, congrats!
  15. Gorgeous!!!