s/s 09 mj collection ad campaign

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  1. here's the first pic to emerge from the s/s 09 ad campaign featuring model raquel zimmermann. it's, of course, shot by juergen teller. thoughts?


  2. OMG I LOVE!!! are those pomegranates or onions....
  3. they're apples! an americana collection set against good ol' american apple picking. ;)
  4. ah! got it..
  5. I love it. Did you find some more? :biggrin:
  6. i wish I could see the bag better... love these colors in the ad, though :heart:
  7. :heart:LOVE!:heart:
  8. I love it! It's nice to see the girls outdoors instead of splayed in a room with washed out lighting for a change!
  9. Is that a giraffe on the bag?
  10. "the apple never falls far from the tree"

    im trying to decipher if there's some message between her standing on a pedestal, dropping apples....hmmm..
  11. LOL I have no interpretation skills whatsoever. In my head I'm going "Why is some crazy looking girl standing on a chair with her designer bag in the middle of the forest?"

    rachieface was NOT an art major in college.
  12. #12 Jan 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2009
    ^ LOL...well the major didn't help worth a crap. i just over analyze everything. makes my perception of the world more interesting and amusing to myself...

    although, from an art perspective, i really admire what mr. teller does with his photography. because of the 'simple' nature of the visuals of his images (most of them looking as if they were taken with overexposed poloroid camera''s) his compositional elements are always REALLY complex. it's why i love his stuff so much.

    like this pic wouldn't work if he didn't take it in the time of day he did. notice the shadows on the lefthand side. they balance out the image because it's mainly weighted on the right hand side of the picture, due to all the apples being on that tree, the slight tilt of the chair and model and the color. also, he meticulously placed the apple near the forefront of the chair, which colorwise draws your eye to that and helps further add a dialogue with the viewer, as to why it's there. if she dropped it, if she's stealing the apples, if it's her job to pic them, etc...The shadow from her hat also imitates the round shape of the apples and balances the composition by adding weight to the lefthandside of the picture.

    i see the chair as some sort of metaphor for luxury being on a pedestal personally. and the apple maybe being basic needs....

    but that's what i would write if i had to analyze this for a thesis paper or something. this is a bag forum, i want her outfit and her bag and think it's a pretty image so a :tup: from me. now where's my fricken jergan teller coffee table photography book damn it!?
  13. Love it!
  14. love the feel of the ad!
  15. interesting, thats for sure!