S/S 08: what is available in the quilted Dark Grey?

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  1. I've seen the Eugenie clutch, I've seen the Bruna and the Casey. I've heard about (but still have not seen the Stam). What other styles is the Dark Grey available in?

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    Along with the bags LoveMjbags listed, there is the Quilted Messenger, $1450- I think it's actually called "Oiu"
    Anything else we missed?? :popcorn: :lol:

    DarkGrey Superfan :heart:
  3. I've seen the gorgeous stam in dark grey and the contrast of the gold hardware and the stormy blue undertones is gorgeous. I must say I also definitely like the bruna in the dark grey..not sure if there was something else..ooh a quilted venetia in dark grey would be to die for :tender:
  4. i think that may be it. all the belted bags, the stam, and the zc. i love grey bags too. i'm trying to limit myself. otherwise, i would have nothing but grey bags in my collection. it's such a versatile color.
  5. I love this color! It is so beautiful and versatile. I wish more bags came out in dark grey!
  6. :drool: I have yet to see the stam IRL. I think tuffcookie has a pic of a quilted venetia in dark grey in her signature, but I'm not sure what season it's from or if it's the same leather.
    I agree with tadpole- i find myself more attracted to the grey b/c there are so many different variations of the color, whereas black only comes in black :P I've been wanting/needing a black bag for so long but I think the dark grey is just as versatile :yes:
  7. the messanger is a larger version of the oui

  8. I love this bag!!
  9. Kiss_p that is PRETTY! Well tomorrow is the 5th so hopefully we'll get a new gray unveiling! :yes:
  10. Oh man, that dark grey Stam is divine!!!:drool:
  11. I love the distressed look the grey has... gorgeous!

    Did anyone mention that the lui was also available in dark grey?
  12. that color is gorgeous -- I would love to add that bag to my collection. Too bad Nordstroms won't be carrying stams this season -- it'll make it that much harder to find one come sale time. since there aren't too many S/S bags that really excite me, maybe I'll just save & by it directly from MJ.

    Isn't there also an Indigo Stam this season? I'd love to see pics of that color
  13. If I had that dark grey Stam I think I would be tempted to nibble on it... like sometimes I want to bite my Chihuahua's ears because she is so cute. Ha ha, don't worry, I'll stay away from anyone else's bags!

  14. :whistle::thinking::thinking:April 5th. Grey. Unveiling. Hmm.