S/S 08 Silk Satin Knot Clutches

  1. I just saw the new silk satin knot clutches IRL today and they are gorgeous! Sorry no pics, but they have it in black, gold and blonde (a very light shade of gold). The SA told me that the silver had yet to arrive. The essential differences between the old nero satin knot clutch and the new ones are:-

    (a) the satin is now more padded/puffy - so the weave appears more nubbly; the old silk satin knot clutch was more flat, less textured.

    (b) the knot is now in matte gold (simply gorgeous - it stands out even better) - whereas the old knot was in black leather;

    (c) the bag is lined in suede - the old one was lined in black leather.

    If any of you have the pics, please post them! I am now thinking of getting rid of my old nero satin knot clutch (4 months old) and getting one in each of these new colors! Price BTW is around JPY 158,000 (sorry cannot remember exact figure).
  2. Thanks for the info Minda. The satin knots sound gorgeous esp the gold/blonde.
  3. Hi Ms Piggy, I read the thread on your knot clutch dilema, and how you got a karung knot clutch instead (great choice)! I had the same dilema as you (deciding between the satin knot clutch and the karung knot) - and purchased the nero satin knot clutch instead ('cos of the lower price). Now I regret it as the S/S 08 satin knot clutches are more gorgeous than ever. However, if you are still hankering after a classic black evening bag, this is your chance!
  4. Thanks Minda for remembering my "dilemma". :lol: I've decided to go with Chanel's timeless clutch for my classic black clutch. But I'll certainly check out the new silk satin knots!
  5. I went by the store over the weekend and they are beautiful!!! Its retailing about SGD1,830.