S/S '08 in the USA....Post Updates Here

  1. Hi everyone....

    I think this information might end up getting scattered everywhere....so instead I thought we could all post when we new updates from our SAs.

    Please post when you get a call, when you hear a rumor, etc.

    Please make sure to post which color, hardware, style & store you are referring to!

    Just in general from the boards here I have heard rumors of things arriving by the end of this month :nuts: No specific info on which colors/styles/hardware, etc.
  2. What I heard from one source (not BALNY) was to expect precollection colors to start arriving at the end of November, earlier than expected. There was no specification of which hardware or styles. A couple of weeks ago, the BALNY prediction I heard was by the second week in December. But who knows! Maybe they will be early there, too.
  3. :yahoo:I heard they should arrive in a couple of weeks.....I called several times and all
    of the SA said the same...:p:nuts:
  4. Thank you Roller & Swiss.

    Based on the pictures that pluiee saw it looks like it is vert thyme, magenta, and bubblegum that looks to be coming in right away. Gosh, I hope I don't like vert thyme LOL
  5. Paris had Sahara, too, Twiggers, so the plot thickens! That leaves the blues and black and white from pre-collection.
  6. Anybody hear anything about when skye blue is arriving? I'm so curious about this color! I need to see it irl or more in pics!
  7. How does the Sahara look? Based on the swatches, I think I'd like it -- but it can sometimes be hard to judge that way. I love color, but could use a neutral.
  8. Does anyone know when NM will be getting the new bags?
  9. I got a vm from my SA saying they are due in shortly but not too many details on what was coming
  10. Ah yes, you are correct!!!! So no sneaky pics of EB or Sky Blue yet (from pre-collection colors)!!!

    I was just discussing this with hubby and he said 'Why do they release this so close to Christmas, no husband is on a waitlist!' LOL it is so true! I've pretty much got one of my bags covered....but if the EB comes in before Christmas I'm in trouble!!!!
  11. Wait, so is this pre S/S 08 or S/S 08? I've been so confused because if it's S/S 08, then isn't this a really early release?
  12. The S/S 08 collection consists of a pre-collection set of colors and a collection set of colors. This is my first time being part of Balenciaga at the beginning of a season....so I'm not 100% sure how early they are typically released!
  13. I was just at BalNY today, I was told the shipment could be here as soon as this coming week, it depends on how long it gets detained in customs. I also took a look at the swatches, it's lovely when it's in your hand. I'm so excited for all of the items I'm waitlisted for!
  14. oooo how did they look? the swatches? I wonder if they are a true representation.

    Would love to know what the EBlue looks like.
  15. Yes, amiekbs8 what were your impressions of the swatches especially EB - is it electric or not so much??