s/s 08 cabat, educate me please

  1. Ok, I need to get a cabat. :idea:

    In many threads I've read that the ottone cabat will be re-released for this coming spring.

    Can you tell me:

    1. How much should I save?

    2. When is this release expected?

    3. What's the best way to acquire one? Is it only going to be available at BV boutiques, or will department stores also get shipments? Should I be waitlisting/expressing interest now? Do I have no chance if I've never stepped food in a BV boutique before? (fyi, I live in the US, Boston, where we don't have a boutique currently but one is opening at an undetermined date. I purchased my only BV at Barneys.)

    4. Can someone explain to me the sizes of cabats? I know the mini one is only availabe in Asia. Then is the medium the one catabie has, and the large the one Pam Anderson is pictured with in the celebs thread?

    5. And finally, let's say I don't want ottone, what other color options exist? Are there permanent ones and seasonal ones?

    Thank you in advance :flowers:, I'm still such a bottega newbie, a lot of the discussions you guys have about these details go over my head at this point... :girlsigh:
  2. 1) mine was a little over US$5K, probably around $5.4K if you are looking for the medium one.

    2) release date I have no idea

    3) I got mine in a BV boutique; I called one that's closest to where I live and have it shipped to me to save tax. If there is no boutique in Boston, then they wont charge you tax and i think that saves quite a bit considering the price of the bag.

    4)Mini one is available in Asia. The pic I attached is a taiwanese celebrity with her Mini Cabat in Black. I am not sure about the dimension. The medium one is 15.6*6.4*9.8 according to the BV website. The large one I have no idea how big it is but it looks HUGE to me.

    5) Nero, Ebano and Noce are the classic colors and should be available every season. Ottone is a seasonal color. i would call a BV boutique to inquire about future color options. I dealt with Jana (the manager) in the AC store and she is an absolute sweet heart. Elena is nice too.

    hope this helps!:okay:
  3. of course it does! catabie does your response mean that your cabat is the mini (Asian) size?
  4. ^ mine is actually the medium...mini asian size is cute but not practical enough for me in the long run. i am a big bag girl!
  5. oh good, yours is the size I think would be perfect for me.
  6. I believe the Cabat is the only style that BV will use the Ottone color/leather for. (according to a Chicago SA)
  7. The Mini (Asian sized) measures 9"H, 18"W, 7"D.

    The Medium is 9"H, 22"W, 7"D.

    The difference between them is only the width - Medium is wider by 4".

    Note. 1" = 25mm
  8. you guys are great!

    so, what are my chances of getting this bag? since I'm not experienced in BV I don't really know how they deal with limited editions. if you're willing to pay and order one early, do you get one? or is it more hermes birkin like, where you have to have a relationship and they release the bags to people with buying experience, etc...
  9. i have a relationship with a SA simply by placing a phone order on a campana in AC and if I remember correctly I did express interests in cabats. Probably 2 weeks later, the manager and I were on the phone chit chatting and she told me there were a few more Ottone cabats available due to a store opening in Houston. She was honest about how many left and how many were currently available.

    I highly doubt that BV is similiar to Hermes. Prior relationship with a SA is great but not necessary in purchasing a limited edition cabat. With that said, I would call up a boutique and ask about the ottone cabat and when it will be available. Expressing interest will definitely help you in a long run.
  10. ^No worries, mundo, the ppl at BV are the most democratic of all the luxury brands, IMHO. Just call in early, explain what you`re looking for and usually they will do everything they can so you`ll end up with the bag you were wishing for!
  11. I was wondering if you'd still be around today, your ticker is missing and I thought maybe that meant something... :tender:

    thanks for the tips. I'm going to be in SF next week so I'll spend some time at the BV boutique there. I'm secretly hoping the Boston one isn't going to open for a long time still so I can get my cabat w/o tax. but I guess the tradeoff of having a BV boutique in close proximity would be ok. :tup:
  12. Yes, definitely call or visit a boutique and express your wishes. Whilst not H like in terms of having to work on the SAs, it will always be in your favour if you demonstrate keen interest in the products, Cabats or not. Be open and friendly and you'll find that the SAs would reflect that back. Good luck and do keep us posted!
  13. I have a question about the color. In catabie's recent weekend picture and annie999's avatar picture, ottone doesn't look too flashy gold. It looks muted, in a good way, I'm not a big metallic person. But then in rox-rocks new pictures it looks much golder, is it just maybe the flash of the picture that captured the more metallic features of it? The thing is that her pictures show the bag much more close up, so I'm wondering if they're the most representative of the color?
  14. ^I think you're quite right there...it could be the flash.

    I do find though that the gold changes in intensity depending on the lighting (that's the added beauty of it). During the day it is muted under the shade and then in the sunlight you can see it glimmer a bit. The real drama begins at night time though. I was having dinner in a restaurant where the lighting was yellowish and I can see my cabat "glowing". I must be going nuts!!!:nuts:

    I will try to get some more pictures for you soon...good luck!
  15. I can totally understand your sentiment about admiring your bag in the restaurant, this happens to me all the time when I realize how a leather looks in new light.

    any pictures would be appreciated, this stuff is better than porn (not that I look at porn, but you get it.) :angel: