S/S 08 Bag Identification!

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  1. Hi! Im new to the forum so sorry if this has already been posted. I can't find an answer any where.

    The Bag Is from the Spring/Summer 08 campaign with raquel zimmerman. It is shown in green and pink.

    Does anyone know the name of this bags and the how much they are going to cost (In Euros or US$)? I love this bag and it would be a great help to know what it is. :yes:


    Picture Below.
  2. Here's The Pic.
  3. Hi Gem_ka,

    Those are so pretty! I'd be interested to know the price too, if anyone has any info.

    I do know that they are quilted and also come in the Baguette style in a variety of colors:

    (Picture from W Magazine)

  4. OH! They are soo pretty!!!
  5. OMG! I'm dying to find out the price of these! I love the colours.:drool::drool:
  6. Yeah, I love the colours too.

    spiralsnowman; Yeah I have seen the baguette style ones but i haven't heard anything about the one im talking about which is so annoying! I hope someone will find out soon!
  7. I need the orange one!
  8. I just put my name down on the list for Hot Pink, Light Blue and Light Pink! I heard they're coming in mid-March and I CAN'T WAIT!!