S/S 07 Whistle Wallet

  1. [​IMG]

    have any of you got any information on this gorgeous wallet?? i'm wondering the price, and if it is going to be available in vert gazon??

  2. :whistle: ...
  3. no idea! but I'll bump it for ya
  4. :whistle: :wondering
  5. bump!!! :biggrin:

    i finally have the info.... :p
    the large whistle is $475.....and i have attached pics of all the available colours.... i am SO excited that it does come in green!!! :yahoo:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. Wow, gorgeous! ARe you getting one Brian?
  7. What a lovely wallet!
  8. yes...gazon!! :devil:
  9. yummy, i want one too! what is that upper right color? yellow? that green is TDF too, :heart:
  10. woops, i meant middle right. i love the vermillion...
  11. Are the pics from BALENCIAGA NY?
  12. I'm wondering if these "screws" are to be the new design for balenciaga moto bags next year?
  13. WOW! i adore this wallet! the simplicity, the screws...but what's with the lack of a bright red shade? boo!
  14. I think the yellow one would go beautifully with my emerald twiggy.... Anyone know the pricing and if they are available yet?
  15. I don't know about them being included on the moto bags, but if you like the screws they are already available on the whistle bags :yes:

    Brian stated that they retail for $475. There is also a smaller size pictured on Bal's website, no price posted for that. I really like these but I think I want a MJ Zip Clutch instead.