S/S '07 - what color should i buy for my MOM??

  1. My mom just mentioned that she wants a bbag, and I would like to get her one for x-mas...

    she is not one for bright colors, but i'd like to get her something other than black or white. she already has a chocolate brown bottega that she carries every day - what color would be original/unique without being too out there (she is like 47)??

  2. Truffle or black...
  3. The naturel color sounds great for her! I think it would be an original/unique bbag color yet definitely not too out there for any age.
  4. Good idea - is there a waiting list for naturel, do you know? I am about to call balny...
  5. Oh- get the camel! It's so pretty!
  6. the camel is a great color. i also like origan for a mom (and me too!)
  7. Let us know what BalNy has !
  8. HAHA - I sent her the swatches, and she just called me saying she wants vert d'eau - so much for not being "out there!!!"
  9. ^ I'm like that. I always say I'll go for something neutral this time and turn right around and get something bright (but pretty!).
  10. Ha, lol Carrie. I guess you can't go wrong with Vert D'eau then! :lol:
  11. Maybe she thinks it's time for a bright colored bag! :smile:

  12. then bright it is!!

    i will check NM for vert d'eau next time i'm in :idea:
  13. There's already a 50+ person waiting list at NM SF for that color, from what I read here the other day....
  14. That's what I was told too! I am going to check that list tommorrow when I get in.
  15. I wonder how long it'll take for everyone to get their vert d'eau with a waiting list like that
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