S/S 07 colors have arrived at NM in SF

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  1. Some of the new colors have arrived at NM in SF.

    So far we have received:

    (original hardware)
    vert d'eau in city
    vert gazon in first
    white in first and city

    (gold hardware)
    vert gazon in various styles
    vermilliion in city
    marine in brief (or I think it's a brief)
  2. Do you have some pics please? I can't get enough of them :love: and they're not out over here which sucks :sad:
  3. Christine,
    Do you know when the Blue France will be arriving? That is the one I am waiting for.
  4. vermilliion city in original hardware is what i'm waiting for!! any info would be great. NM in palo alto had a few of standard colors but when i checked last week they said they are not selling them anymore?!?
  5. Chrissie... you're killing us here! When do you think you'll have the natural City w/ regular hardware in?
  6. Chrissie... could you provide details also on your sale Balenciaga bags? Styles, colors, prices? PM me if need be
  7. Thanks Christine for the info!
  8. hi Christine
    Thanks for calling me, I got your VM and went by tonight but you were not around. I saw the bags. Not sure I care for the BIG hardware but the brief in white was pretty striking. Does the Brief come with the normal hardware?
  9. I'm sorry I missed you. I had dinner plans so I got off early last night.

    So far we have only gotten the brief in gold hardware. The only normal hardware we have received so far is the vert d'eau city, vert gazon first, this new brown city, some white various styles, and a few black city.
  10. I will try to get some pictures of everything for you girls tonight.
  11. You mean the 07 black City? :nuts: How are the leather? Is it thicker and nicer than the 06, I really hope so... :s
  12. There are a couple of good ones in the mix. :yes: