S/S '07 Act 2 is up on CHANEL.com

  1. Was just browsing CHANEL and they put up pics for S/S '07 Act 2

    There's a link on the homepage when you go to the USA site.
  2. YAY!!!:yahoo: Let me go look.
  3. I only found Act 1.... on Chanel.com? :sad: :sad: I guess it will get posted soon enough on here.
  4. Ooooh, I LOVE the calfskin tote with chain trim (#11) :drool:
  5. Thanks - I'm heading over right now!
  6. I love those peep toe flats!! :nuts:
  7. I really like the open toe flats. Adorable.
  8. kittenslingerie : the ACt 2 is under Accessories
  9. I wish they would post more pictures of the collection. :crybaby:
  10. I agree. They should post the whole collection in detail.
  11. thanks for the info! i'll go check it out!
  12. So Fabulous, Some of the bags on there have my name on! lol!
    Thanks for the update!

  13. They post just enough to bring you in......:graucho:
  14. What a lilttle Chanel tease haha... the calfskin hobo #14 looks really nice :smile:

  15. It's never enough on the website. I'm not close to a boutique, so if I don't see it here, or in a mag, or on the website, I don't know what's happening. (My usual state of being!)