S/S 06 Spy Bag

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  1. OoH I so want this... but don't feel like buying 2 bag with the same style :sad:

  2. I don't know..... theres something 1980's about it, the more I look, ....it makes me nausious. I love the honey or white!!!!:love: I was on the wait list for the velvet suirrel spy and when I saw it - it also made me nausious..... maybe it's the squirrels or something.:sad:
  3. 1980s? more like 1880! LOL.
  4. Hahaha...maybe it's because there's too much going on.. I don't know... Oh well..
  5. Yes, it does have a very 1980's feel to it, but pegged jeans are also ba-a-a-ck, so who knows? Maybe it will be part of the next nostalgia trend. :P
  6. Where'd you see that bag? At a Fendi boutique or just online. I can not quite decide if I want a spy or not... I've been waivering!
  7. Well, I'm digging it.
  8. It's never going to be as comfy as the paddington but it's really rich looking in the right color. It's winter here, I wear my chocolate spy with a cream winter coat with fur trimming. The contrast is really pretty!
  9. I know where this pic came from ;)
  10. lol. I was going to post "where?" and then I clicked on your sig. The one posted above is the best in the collection. Are these the *only* ones?

    Meg, I can't decide if I want the spy either! I wish I knew if it'll still be 'hot' in 2006. Otherwise, I'd rather wait and see what new styles catch my eye.
  11. OMG, you have got to be kidding! I'm putting my foot down, dammit!
  12. I got the pictures from SophisticatedSpirit.com and borsabella.blospot
  13. I'm not partial to the spy anymore, but this one is kind of cute :biggrin: