S/S 06 Pale Rose Classique BIN 700

  1. Awww.. This is TOO pretty!!

    Now if only I wasn't 6ft tall!! :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. Be warned if you are thinking of BIN'ing it, the seller hasn't talked about it's aesthetic condition at all.
    Ask about smells, stains, scuffs.

    Vague auctions always freak me out.
  3. What a DEAL! Oh well, it's gone... =(
  4. I note the mirror colour is darker than the bag itself. I presume it's faded, like my pale box.
  5. ^yeah, they should call it 'paling rose'!
  6. Already gone!
    I love that color!
    Too bad about the fading though :sad:
  7. just posted another pale rose find... a city this time!

    It didnt look incredibly faded to me- but its hard to tell from pics, but at 700 bucks, it was a STEAL! congrats to whoever got it! make sure to tell us so we can congratulate you!
  8. awww shucks! Good thing I didn't see this when it's still up LOL. I must be the only one who love the pale rose because of the fading :tender:
  9. i'm the guilty one!! but right now quite happy about it =) thanks mocean!

    there was a lil bit of unreported wear that i found out from her, but nothing disturbing or out-of-ordinary, but i wouldn't say it was "new condition", more like "excellent used condition". ah well, these ebay sellers.. you gotta ask everything in detail.

    i figure i'll take my chances with the fading, cos either:
    - it won't yellow, like some lucky owners have reported theirs not to
    - it will fade/yellow, but actually look like a nice rose-beige, and become a great natural coloured bag for daily toting!
    (and, worst-case:smile:
    - it will, and won't look great, and i'll resell it and recoup..

    i'm loving the light pinks right now =)
  10. let us know how it turns out! it looked OK to me! and even with a little wear, its still a super deal IMO!
  11. man that was a good deal!