S/S 06 Pale Rose City BIN 1000

  1. :love::love::love:

    I wish I didn't know that the pale rose faded... and I wish I had a spare $1000 lying around... and while I'm at it, I wish I was in Hawaii at the Aloha Rag store with a couple grand.. :nuts::P
  2. I bet the bag is starting to turn. The picture is angled from the bottom of the bag to the top so you wouldn't notice that the middle of the bag is a lighter shade. In fact, their is only one picture of the entire front of the bag, no pictures of the sides or the back.
  3. esiders: girl, you are so smart! lol I would never have even thought about that. just woulda kept on drooling over that beauuuutiful pink! (lol im sucha girl)
  4. does every pale rose fade? we've only had 2 reports that they changed color. i figured it was one dye batch, not every single bag. anyone with a pale rose wanna comment?
  5. mocean: I think someone mentioned here that because of the light color, the leather is not dyed for very long.. which can probably lead to more accounts of fading? I'm not sure- however, a lot of SAs have warned me against light-colored b-bags because eventually, they turn yellow. :wtf::Push:
  6. I have a Pale rose city, got it 3 weeks ago. I've used it 3 times so far and the colour's still fine.
  7. No...not every pale rose fades, several people here have non-fading ones. And so far we've had 3 faded bags reported here....:crybaby: