S/S '06 Caramel confused with caramel/camel colors!!!

  1. Does anyone have a picture of their S/S '06 caramel bag??? Please help! I need opinions of this color. I haven't seen anyone's photo's here! Anyone seen it IRL? How is the color and how is the leather???:shrugs: How does it compare to the camel F/W '06 and caramel '05? TIA!!!!!:heart: :smile: :heart: :flowers:
  2. Hi zacorey, i have the 05 caramel which i believe is lighter and less "orange" than the 06 color. here's a picture of the 05 caramel for comparison. sorry i don't have the 06 to show you.
  3. Hi! I have owned all three colours. I only have the AW06 Camel now so cannot do worthwhile pics for you.

    Caramel 05 is the lightest shade of the three. SS06 is the most bright, dark and deep and some called it cognac (I think the official name was beige bizarrely:wtf: ). AW06 is in between the two and a true camel colour.:love:

    Does this help? I hope someone has comparison pics for you if not:flowers:
  4. Zacorey- here is my SS 06 Day. It has a little bit of orangy undertone to it but it is very rich and pretty, the leather is very thick and not too veiny. Camel F/W 06 or butterscoth is very light and the leather is very thick. Caramel 05 has the yellow undertone to it and the leather is thick and not veiny. I hope this helps.:flowers:
  5. Thanks Didi and Balfechen!!!!!!:heart: :flowers: :heart: Still looking for help! LOL
  6. Nanez~ Thanks girl!!!!!!!:flowers: Me love it!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  7. You are very welcome.:smile: I am glad that i could help you out.:love:
  8. Here's Camel F/W '06:
  9. Nanez~ is this also called Cognac? Sorry I'm getting a tad confused! LOL
  10. Here is a picture I took a while back of all 4 browns from '06 (I love Bbags in brown tones! :smile: ).
    First picture, Left to right: F'06 Camel Day, SS'06 Cognac City, F'06 Truffe Day, F'06 Marron City.
    The second picture is only of the F'06 Camel Day and SS'06 Cognac City.

    4 browns 06.jpg Camel and cognac 06.jpg
  11. Fiat~ are those both your bags?
  12. Yes they also call this Cognac. :yes: The color is very pretty if you see it in person. It is very rich and versatile. The one from F/W 06 is also called butterscoth which is very light and i would worry about showing dirt a lot more than the other one.:flowers:
  13. ^^^Thanks! OK- I saw this Cognac color in a twiggy at Barney's last week. I was just confused b/c I never came across this color. It was so pretty! Do you think this Cognac color looks good with black? I wear alot of black and my coat is black too!
  14. I wear a lot of blacks too and it matches perfectly. :yes: It looks great with Browns, Jeans, Black, White, Beige, and almost every thing. You won't have any matching problem.;)
  15. Golden! OMG! You are the greatest!:biggrin: What a great photo of all those gorgeous colors! This is a great help!:yes: :heart: :flowers: