s/s '05 White First: needs love, only 3 hours left!

  1. ive been watching this. cant decide if i should bid, because i think the seller has some communication problem.
    i emailed them a couple of days ago, and they havent got back to me yet. looking at the feedback, other ppl found them to not have good communicaiton either.
  2. I have this in the city and the leather KICKS ASS ..it's also spring summer 05..I love white bbags
  3. I just ordered a white First from AR (which will be here tomorrow!) or I'd jump on this one. I'm dying to see what the reserve is!
  4. Somebody got a great deal: the auction ended at $470.
    If anyone is still reading this thread, I've found it to be pretty typical that franchise auction operations respond poorly to emails. You have to call them. And for a Bbag, I'm willing to dial!
  5. Wow that's an amazing price! I used to have a white first from this season. It's actually an ivory color and it goes with everything! Congrats to the winner!!