s/s 05 Turquoise Twiggy

  1. Whoa! This bag is STUNNING!
  2. :nuts: :love:
  3. Gorgeous!
  4. This is the best color from 2005 imo. I :heart: it!
  5. Beautiful! I'm sure a lot of girls want this bag!!! I just got a black twiggy from 2005 and it's some of the nicest leather! Good luck to the bidders!
  6. Holy moly!!!! This woman really have the turq 05 in every single style!!!!!
  7. Does anyone else think, as I do, that these are the best pictures ever posted? I'd love to know what brand of camera she uses. Both this one and the Apple First look AMAZING.
  8. :love: :nuts: :love: :nuts: :love: :nuts: :nuts:
  9. I am in love with that color:love:
  10. my my my oh my....:nuts: :heart:
  11. the seller just increased the minimum bid to 1299! :crybaby: :crybaby:
  12. ^^ oh s*#t, think she saw this thread?!?! :wtf::P:Push:
  13. who knows. but I know the bag won't be mine.:crybaby: :crybaby:
  14. seriously? she increased the minimum bid after I put it on here... well, well, well. I wont post her auctions anymore, how's that? *pissed*

    *deletes auction from watch list*

    (my balenciaga anger management course training is all gone to hell right now.)